im in love with conor oberst and im

im in love with conor oberst and im turning 15 on may.
i feel dirty because of this.
i would do anything 4 that man.
i wish i could meet him.
touch him.
see him in real life.
hear his voice in person.
i dont even know him, i know who he is.
this makes me want to cry.
i would do anything for him-well, mostly anything, i would take a bullet 4 him....and me expressing this right now, i want to cry.
because he will, never, ever love me.

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  • hey don't listen to these people, there's no need for hurtful comments...look your feeling something but its not love, everyone has these feelings about people they cant have..sooner rather than later you'll understand what love really feels like, no worries, take your time and enjoy it, and besides, it never hurts to dream and sometimes dreams come true

  • Okay, you are retarded!

  • 15 year old girls cannot be blamed for the nonsense they spew!

  • I'm 30 years old. I've been listening to Connor for almost 10 years now. He has moved my spirit, healed my soul, held my hand through my torement...and "First Day of My Life" ended up being the song I danced to the night my fiance proposed.

    It's easy to feel like you love someone who is so talented lyrically and who is so intuned with every emotion, I'm sure you feel.

    It's okay...some day you'll have all these feelings for someone tangible and you can always know in the back of your head...a special pair of "bright eyes" helped you understand....

  • i think this is just a crush everyone pretty much has them at some point im 15 and i have a huge crush on Micheal Seater lol, but i dont really think u love him, sometimes crushes can make u feel that way though, but urs does seem very, very intense. i disagree that ur dumb for feeling a certain way it hs nothing to do with intelligence, id suggest if u dont have one maybe i dont know talk some guys around ur age u may find u like them a lot.

  • Dummmmmmmmbbbbbbbbb !

  • This sounds unhealthy. Seek help.

  • You're not in love with him, you dumb c***. And he doesn't like silly girls like you.

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