I'm 23. He's 43...I need advice

I'm 23 & I have a crush on a 43 year old guy at work. It kind of nuts because I know the reasons behind liking him.
1. I don't have daddy issues
2. I do realize that it's a 20 year age gap
But he's incredibly smart, & funny. He is sweet and makes me blush...a lot. & for once I've found someone I want to carry on a conversation with.

What should I do?
Will he think I'm just a dumb kid?

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  • What you have to consider is that if you went into a relationship with him.
    Then your freedom would become less.
    You would miss out on having fun with your age group.
    So think clearly what you want.
    Because its your life you need to think of.

  • So what? Im 50 and I am f****** a 16 year old. go for it

  • I think it's a very hot alternative for you, and you'd be making a BIG mistake not taking advantage of it. GO!!!

  • Go for it, why not? You spend 8+ hours in the same place, of course it make sense to find someone to have a crush on. And the age difference doesn't have to be a deterrent. You're both consenting adults. Just a couple of things to consider. Dating anyone in your workplace can be risky if it does not work out. Can you both be mature enough to handle seeing one another in the office? You may not be able to just leave because the job market is tough right now, not so easy to find another job.... And the 20 year age difference..the only thing that can be an issue is that you two are in different stages of your life. A 23 year old may not be done partying and can certainly stay up a lot later than a 43 year old man who may be a bit more settled in his ways. He may try to keep up, but after awhile may be more of a homebody. That's not the end of the world (or relationship).and that can be worked out. You just need to get to the first date to see if there's anything there. Why don't you plan a happy hour? or just see if he wants to grab lunch one day. Find out more about him...

  • Excellent advice. Go for it.

  • So your a gold digger and he his a dirty oldman.

  • If I were in his shoes I'd probably be thinking you're way too young to be interested in an old guy like me. That if I tried asking you out it would come across as creepy. I assume he knows how old you are so ask him, theoretically speaking, if he would ever date a younger woman. If he says yes then say "Great, what time are you picking me up?"

  • ditto!!

  • By going out on a date with him, you are NOT: (1) confessing your undying love for him; (2) making any form of commitment; (3) declaring that you are only interested in older men; (4) suggesting to any younger male(s) that you are off limits to them, in any way, or that they don't interest you; or (5) implying that you'll date ANYbody at all, no matter what age or condition. Your friends will tell you that you're doing one or more of those, but you aren't. You absolutely should go out with him, and even go so far as to ask him out (if he doesn't ask first): just do it in a casual and non-serious way. You can think of it as experimentation, and perhaps even tell him that's what it is, if you want him to think of it the same way. Once the date is over, you can decide whether it's worth another experiment (with him or other guys that age), depending on how the first goes. Do NOT think of this as limiting you in any way for the future: just think of him as one among many guys you'll date in your life, and let the relationship grow on its own, without expecting too much or too little. The two of you clearly enjoy one another already, so there is plenty of reason to believe that will continue, and that it could blossom into something truly beautiful. Good luck, and please report back!

  • He will totally NOT think you're either dumb or a kid. He already likes you, and probably already wants you. Twenty years is not a big deal. Relax.....and let him have you.

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