Stupid ass stepkid

I f****** hate my 19 year old stepson!!! He is a piece of s*** and I can't stand him. He is lazy, rude, worthless freeloader! The only time he's nice to anyone is if they are doing him a favor.... such as giving him a ride, taking him out to eat, doing what he wants everyone to do. He gets his way with his dad don't matter what it is if he's right or wrong his dad babys him like he's 4 instead of 19!!! He needs to grow the f*** up and get a job and move the f*** out! He has no regard to anyone and how they feel about anything. Allows his s*** w**** female friends act inappropriatley towards my husband and thinks this is just normal acceptable behavior. (he's gay) I have discussed this with him and my husband to which they state they dont see these things. Hello... how the f*** can you not see the things this s*** does. She also makes sexual remarks and stands infront of our bedroom door in only a towel. The list goes on and on with this tramp. Since bringing this s*** to their attention this a****** kid brings the w**** around even more just to p*** me the f*** off!!I went off on this tramp and told her to back the f*** off or there would be problems and all this tramp could say was i dont act like that. Im gonna f****** bust her teeth out real soon and stupid ass step kids horse teeth too!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Your s*** shaming makes me not pity you at all. And makes me think you feel very jealous and afraid that they will somehow "steal" your husband, because you think they are sexier than you. Girls and women own their bodies and they can use them however they please. If they want to let their sensual side show, they will. Calling them s****, whores, tramps, etc. makes YOU look bad, not them.

    Besides, if your husband has no reaction to their 'inappropriate' behavior then why does it even matter? This whole thing says much more about you than it does about your stepson or his friends. At least you don't seem to have a problem with his sexuality, I guess?

  • You're stupid! I wish a b**** would come in my house and try to take over. You're 19 m*********** get yo own crib!

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