Sucking my friends p****

I am a guy and I wanted to try sucking another guys p****.so I met a guy and it started by both of us getting naked him laying on the floor and me jerking him he said I wont c** quickly but after three pulls on his d*** he said I am going to c** without any hesitation I took his d*** in my mouth and began to suck him oh my it felt so good to have a d*** in my mouth for the first time I wanted to try this my whole life and now its happening to me and it feels so natural he starts to moan and quiver his d*** starts throbbing in my mouth then he c** in my mouth I tasted and swallowed every drop of his c** it was so good till this day I cant believe that this happened to me then we finished by him sucking my d*** it felt so good and natural to be sucked by another guy then I c** in his mouth it was the best head I had ever had in my whole life my climax was so intense I almost passed out this was our first time together this really happened to me true story no fiction

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  • I'm a guy and I would love to be sucked off by another guy.
    I always wanted to have my c*** in a guy's mouth.

  • I have never suckedcock but I want to

  • Sucking c*** is great. I have done it three or four times, wish I could do it again.

  • I suck c*** all the time with selected friends, but I do not do a***, or any other stupid s*** , I mostly just do 69 and take turns sucking each other off . C** has little or no taste , I prefer shaved c**** and no hair friends . I am also quite ruff and beat the s*** out of guys easily so I am not feminine . I will only suck a guy whom sucks me and is not fem . he must act normal . I hate idiots

  • Its good that you explored and opened up to yourself , this is you bieng you and you should not feel embarrssed or ashamed . It dosnt mean your gay but that you know what you like .I hope you find a girl that is open and understands your fellings,and dose not mind you having your oral plesuers .

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