I prefer masterbating over s** with husband

Ive been married for 22 yrs to husband and s** is boring with him a friend suggested I try a vibrator years ago , so I did and it was amazing since then I tried d***** , and now I have a john holmes d**** and with that and te vibrator I can can o***** multiple times, but now cant stand to have s** with husband , I love him but not sexually anymore .

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  • It is spelled masturbating.

  • I like to say thank everyone for the suggestions , im not looking for a relationship away from my husband , or into cheating . I love my husband he is a very good man I just prefer s** with my toys , I just enjoy having something bigger in me , shile plesing myself, are there any ladies out ghere in my situation? Any suggestions

  • Nothing wrong with wanting something bigger.

  • Hello Anonymous,

    I think the issue is not as big as you have made it in your head. Believe me, its just a bit of adjustment that you need to make with yourself and you will be as happy as you want in both the departments (sexual satisfaction as well as your relationship with your husband). I think all you have to do is to develop a frame of mind where in you have s** with your husband for his sake. The sole purpose in your mind at that moment should be that he enjoys s** with you and you are doing it for his pleasure not yours. You have found other ways to pleasure yourself and you are enjoying it. This would be something like eating a dish that he likes and you hate, just to make him happy. The benefits that this setup would give are

    1)You will have a good relationship with your husband and this will reduce his chances of going out of the marriage.

    2)There are chance of interaction with him during s** and you can use them to change his ways/ ideas or concepts about s** to better suite you. E.g., if you don’t have s** with him at all and suggest swinging, he may not take it positively enough. If you have s** with him, and suggest swinging, there are more chances that he may take it positively.

    Wish you luck,

    Code Ashes.

  • You really should consider swinging , just make sure you can trust the couple . Be highly selective. S** is 10 times hotter with a better lover . My wife used to have one o***** with me and then go to sleep, now she has s** all night long with her lover .

  • I am not the best lover for my wife, so I experimented and now I have her a lover , about once a week or so , sometimes longer . Sh enjoys s** much more now , I am not cheated because I enjoy his wife . But I am actually enjoying to see my wife have lots of o****** , it changed her entire personality . She and his wife plan everything , we both have had vasectomy so things are ok . Sometimes just a different man can make the difference or a different woman. He treats my wife well and she adores the affection and love the s** .

  • So do him a favor and divorce him. he deserves someone who wants him

  • Thats not fair I do love him I just love playing with my toys weve been together a long time and im not looking for someone else

  • Don't listen to that person, OP. If you love each other, stay together. S** is not always necessary. I think more than anything you should talk to him about this. Especially if you think he would be open to the conversation or might already have an idea that you're not interested anymore. You might be able to come to a solution together, maybe one that involves s** with other people - with discretion and protection of course! - and maybe not. And above all there is nothing wrong with pleasing yourself. I love s** with my SO, but for whatever reason when we do it together I'm never able to climax. So when I want to, I get them from pleasing myself. And it's fine. We would both like it if we figured it out one day, but if not, that's fine too.

  • Then expect him to do the same thing to you then.

  • Men can be quite selfish about s** , since 90% of our happiness derives around our wives or husbands we do our best to please them . If she is not being satisfied sexually there is a much higher chance she will cheat . People often do not get divorced, especially if they have children , they work it out . Cheating is the ultimate insult and will destroy the children and the home . But by allowing the wife to have a lover when you know she is over sexed and controlling the situation there is a better chance at survival . It has nothing to do with the size of p****, women have orgs with a tongue or a finger . My wife lover actually has a smaller p**** , but he is way better looking and looks, kisses, and personality will turn a woman on . We only share our wives when it is a good time, and things are right, never are the kids are around and we always lock the doors , nothing is done in front of each other . the Next day you can talk all you want and she will tell you how many orgs she had , if she had only one with me, and 7 with her lover obviously she enjoys the s** , I have trained her to avoid emotions , it is only s** .

  • But how is she NOT selfish about this. If anything, she's just as selfish about her own desires too.

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