I wish I could self suck

I wish I could give myself head. I long to feel my b**** on my lips and my c*** head deep in my throat. No interest in sucking some one else, I'm straight. Just wish I could blow me.

Nov 19, 2013

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  • I used to suck my own c*** when I was a teenager and into my early twenties. Then I sucked three guy’s c**** one in high school, the second years later and the last guy’s c*** again years later when I was 60 years old. I was married for 15 years and she knew I had sucked the two boys before we were married. The last one I sucked was after we were divorced. I miss sucking my c*** and tasting my own c**.

  • Its the best feeling ever sucking yourself off

  • I've been sucking my own d*** since I was 14. My advice is keep your weight to a minimum. Big bellies are a self f******* killer. Practice contortion, take yoga, become as flexible as humanly possible.

  • Are you able to deep throat?

  • It's the only reason guys do yoga. I lost 28lbs, took yoga classes 4x/week and after 4-months was able to take the head in my mouth, by the 6th month down to half the shaft and do a good job giving myself head.

  • Yes, I would also love to suck my own d*** and taste my c**. However would also like to suck off another guy sometime. Put his d*** in my mouth and just go crazy sucking him until I can taste his c** in my mouth.

  • Just because you say you don't want to suck and fondle another guys c*** and b****, doesn't mean its true. It sounds like you'd be much happier if you gobbled a c*** or two.

  • I also wish I could suck my own p****. I have tried many times, to no avail. The closest I get is to have my c*** near my face and try to squirt my c** into my mouth when I e********.

  • It does take some time to get as far down the shaft as you want, but stretch, warm up, keep trying, and you'll probably get there. When I started, I had a difficult time just getting the head in my mouth. After learning to try right after a warm bath, gradually stretching to the position I need, and being physically fit, I have been able to push the head of my c*** past my tonsils. THAT, is a great feeling! I have done it quite often, and even one night on my way home from work, I pulled off onto a dark, lonesome road, and sucked myself off in my front seat! I am straight, and have absolutely no feelings or desires to do anything with another guy. But feeling my own c*** in my mouth, and swallowing my own c**...it's like nothing else.

  • I totally agree! sucking your own p**** is the most indescribable experience. it wasnt until I got my whole head in my mouth was when I was happy and the effort was worth while. Now every two days I have to suck on it or it wont go away!!!!

  • Cool

  • Your all degenerates ,

  • You act like you havent been curious about what your own privates taste like. grow up

  • It is no big deal nowadays , everyone does it, loose some wait and learn to stretch really good . It takes no brains and if your d*** is average size it will work fine . Fat people have a problem or too much muscles . C** has no taste , I do it all the time for years now . I have a simple 6 inch p**** , you can stick something under your b**** or s****** to push your d*** in your mouth more . Once you finally learn you will keep your weight down just to suck your c*** . The best thing is , you do not have to get involved with some stupid b**** whom screws everyone and thinks nothing about you . I try and do it when I am alone , once you start you can not quit .

  • I was only able to make myself o***** one time by self sucking. my mother told me a story about how my uncle could suck himself and ever since then i tried myself. i was overweight as a child and couldnt get very far but when i turned 13 and hit puberty i lost all my weight. i was skinny and flexible to get my mouth almost to the base of my p****. i came very quickly. it was great. but since then it hurt my back to bend that far. ive been able to lick and suck the head but never get the full thing in my mouth like that one time. its not gay either. its your own body. i thought about have a rib or two removed to make it easier. just a thought.

  • Lol thats strangely funny.. i wonder how it feel to lick my own p****

  • Lol thats strangely cool

  • I LOVE to m*********, and I used to be ale to get part of m p**** in m mouth during my masturbation sessions. I only stopped because it was hurting my back and I started having problems. I could only get the head of my p**** in m mouth, but still I loved the fees of my tongue and lips on the smooth head, loved the feeling of moving my tongue and lips around it, loved the tasted of my precum, and loved the feeling of my j*** squirting into my mouth and down my throat.

    I have always had a lot of thoughts about bi-sexuality and having sexual relations with men. Sucking my own c*** made me more comfortable with these. I don't consider myself gay, but I sure do love the feel and taste of another man's c*** in my mouth, and the feel of a pulsing member in my hand.

  • I learned to suck my own pecker after taking yoga classes.

  • I didn’t take yoga but I did stretch and became flexible enough too suck my own c ock when I was in 7th grade until I was into my early twenties. I did suck a couple of guy’s c ocks before I got married. Told my wife that I had sucked a couple of guys before and I used to suck my own. She wanted me to try and suck my c ock but I couldn’t. I do miss sucking my own c ock.

  • I was just thinking of logging a self suck confession here and your confession is the first on the page! Hmmm? What a coincidence! I'm straight and have been able to selfsuck since the age of 13. I'm 27 now and suck-up c** every chance I get

  • I'm very envious. Makes me hard thinking about going down on myself. It has to be the best way to m*********.

  • Im with you i want to suck my c*** and fill my mouth with my sperm insted of my pantiesohhhhhhh yessssssss

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