Am I a 13 year old s** molester?


I am a 14 year old boy, that lost my virginity to a sleeping 24 year old girl. This happened a year ago and now Im beginning to feel kind of guilty by the thought.

It happened like this; we were sleeping in the same bed, and I got really h****, and I also think that at the moment I was secretly in love with her. So I woke op at night and tried to kiss her, and she actually responded kissing me back in her sleep. then we both got real h**** and I pulled her on top of me, and we had s** (she was riding me in her sleep).

This happened more than one time, and it always started by me kissing and touching her and turning her on. sometimes, she kinda woke op while I was touching her, and pulled herself away, when this happened, I pretended to be asleep aswell. I suspect her for being awake and faking or acting asleep during de s**, but Im not sure...

Its just, even though she "woke up" and pulled herself away, the next day she will still want to share beds. this kept going on for about 1 month where we had s** almost every night.

I don't know if I am a raper or if we were playing a sick game...

And what should I do?

Please comment, put dont be mean..

Nov 21, 2013

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  • Why in the h*** would a 24 year old share want to share a bed with a 13 year old. I feel like this story is made up or she was a bit odd. Or maybe you are one extremely tall and handsome 13 year old.

  • Dude, she was totally awake the whole time. She only pretended to 'wake up' when you were doing something she didn't like. You may have started it but she was the adult in the situation, if anything she took advantage of you.

  • That girl is awake and what she is doing is robbing the cradle. she could go to jail for that.

  • Okay cool thanks, so I havent done anything wrong? I don't want her to go the jail though..

  • As long as you both enjoyed it I say 'no harm, no foul'. As far as her going to jail just don't tell anyone. Consider yourself lucky, I'd have loved to have had s** at your age.

  • Cuz we are kindof friends, and we don't do it anymore

  • Well it wasn't you raping her but the other way around (look up statutory rape for more on that), and like the person up there said she wont go to jail as long as you don't say anything.

  • Using the term "rape" really depends on the legislation of the country in wich his took place.

    In some European coutries like Spain and the Netherlands the sexual consent is 13 years, meaning that it is legal to have s** at that age.

    I don't think it is okay to have s** with a boy that young, but I don't thik we should judge that fast. To me it sounds like the boy had a lot of fun :)

  • True i was just trying to tell him what his situation would have been in legal terms of the USA while assuring him that he wasnt a rapist.

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