Showed p*** to my mother in law

In a recent visit to my in laws' house, I pulled up some p*** on my cell phone involving a woman with a body type that's very similar to my elderly mother in law's. She was standing a few feet away from me. Knowing that her eyesight isn't the best, I held my phone so that she could just see the screen. It didn't take long before she glanced at it, and just as it seemed she might recognize what was on it, I turned the phone away from her. She walked toward me and said "Whatcha got there?" reaching for the phone, and I pulled up some other pictures from facebook and showed them to her. Yeah mom, that's right: I showed you p***. I'm thinking next time I'll show her a picture of my d***.

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  • Lol was drunk 1 night see my sister in law online facebook that is made naughty chat to her and sent pit my c*** she never said anything to wife or hubby but has chatted more since and sent me few pics back nice b**** and shaved p****

  • She mom in law sexy and fine? and does she know you wanna f*** her?

  • Show her some photos of young guys doing older ladys, tell her you enjoy the thought of doing her and eating her until she c*** for you. Start hugging her more and kissing her, letting your hands linger on her ass and squeeze her tighter to you when you hug. You got to get her excited and wondering just what you have down there and just how gooood it would feel to have you doing her

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