Nude Scene

I always fantazise about doing a nude scene in a movie. An actual movie mind you not no p*** or anything like that. The thrill of being able to do a nude scene or two would be just unreal. It doesnt have to be a big budget either one of those smaller indie films would work too. Imagining all those thousands and thosands maybe millions of people seeing me on screen naked as a jaybird is a tad embarresing but also really excites me somehow. Its to where i just may bring myself to do this and find a place to cast me for a movie. Not sure what everyone i know would think if i did, since i havent told anyone either, its one of those things i guess. Also not sure if i want a career as an actress but wouldnt mind if it worked that way.

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  • Two words....West Hollywood. Plenty of people will film you f******.

  • Read my posting i said NO p*** it has to be an actual movie. Okey dokey.

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