My wife of 20 years is f****** a 18 year old teenager

Ive not long found out that my wife of 20 years is f****** a 17 year old teenager a friend of our sons ( my sons the same age as him) he was at our house one day looking for our son who was out that day this was 6months ago and i found out by accident and i confronted her and she reluctantly confessed to it, seemingly what happened was that when she was talking to him she noticed his eyes were all over her and she noticed the bulge in his pants and it was huge, and she seduced him ...yes she seduced him didn't sink in at first as i was probably in denial ...she told me she dragged him to our bedroom ( i don't think he took much dragging somehow ) ripped his clothes off took his c*** in her mouth and sucked him then she let him mount her and even let him c** in her, she says she doesn't know what came over her and she just couldn't resist, for the life of me i cant understand why she's done this to me as our s** life's great and always has been, this has been going on for all this time unbeknown to me and my son, i thank god for that, she's very regretful and cries a lot, but if she had been that regretful she wouldn't have carried this on, i want to get a hold of this boy and teach him a lesson but i don't know who he is at present and i really don't want to get into trouble as I'm not a violent person , I've thought about divorcing her but I'm frightened that everyone will find out what has happened and what shes done ...especially my son , what can i do as i don't want to destroy our family ..she says that she loves me but how can she when shes done this to me and our son , I'm extremely angry and i don't know what to do and its killing me ..I'm not sleeping and I'm not eating very much and all because of her stupidity.

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  • So what your really saying is you had gay s** with a teen.

  • Fake as f***.

  • There are thousands of young men who are total a*******. Then there are well educated young men. Your wife is performing a public service. You have your children. I recommend you watch her do this secretly and see how you feel. if you are not enough of a man to take it, go ahead and divorce her, but I recommend you do what I recommend at least 10 times. I think you will find your s** life is even better.

  • Take your wife out for dinner and get her very drunk, get a group of these young men to g******* her and use her like a c** dumpster w**** and film it all...then you have a home built s*** the rest of your days .

  • You obviously a usless f*** and she will always f*** other children, because your no good and can't satisfy her

  • Have her bring the teenager over, have her f*** him and video it and maybe you can learn what he is doing that turns her on. You can learn to f*** your wife the right way.

  • Man, I hate to say it, but think of it this loved your wife when you didn't know about this thing she did, and in reality, nothing about her has changed. She's still the same woman. Don't dwell on all the negatives about it. You could just live on with the agreement to keep things quiet, or like if he doesn't know, it won't hurt him...or you could share everything, no lies, no sneaking, just living life together in love and trust. Try to understand that she is still what she always was, a human, female, beautiful, alive, healthy, being. Don't dwell on the fact that it is cheating, let her open up to you, and you open up to her. Let her be all the woman she is, but agre to keep it a secret between the two of you, agree not to do anyone in your local area, so as to keep your reputation good with family and friends, etc..
    I know it's painful, but grow beyond this, and remember she is what she always has been. She hasn't changed, just now, you know more about her. Love her, and let her love you.

  • She sounds pretty hot and is probably just expressing that, or acting on it. Don't divorce her, and don't discourage her: let her have some fun! You might even enjoy her freedom!!!!

  • I've spoken to her about all of this as the tension in the house was becoming unbearable, I have forgiven her as after having thought about it long and hard and it was driving me insane, she made a mistake and we've all made mistakes in our life I suppose and life is beggining to feel a bit better now for the both of us, you suggested I let her have freedom to f*** other guys and not to discourage her, as you say and I have to agree with you that she is a very hot woman and is very good looking and great in bed, but I'm afraid if I let her have that freedom to let her f*** other men where would that leave me ? She might not want me to f*** her any more and prefer to f*** other guys and I would hate that to happen, we want to rebuild our marriage and get it back to where it was before all this happend, has she f***** other guys before this young boy ? I really don't know and if she has then I don't want to hear or know about it, I'm still frightened that our son gets to hear about how his friend had been f****** his mother for all that time, I know what young guys are like as they boast to their friends about their sexual conquests and mostly in graphic detail as well, if they told him how his mother seduced this boy sucked his c***, let him mount her and f*** her and c** in her, then it would be a great shock to him to hear that and he would probably be ashamed that his own mother let his friend f*** her, I heve to admit that she is a great c********* and a wonderful f*** and always has been, but should I tell my son all about it before he finds out from one of his friends, that's a hard decision to make and I don't know if I could bring myself to tell him.

  • Hi its Jane. Don't tell your son. He has nothing to do with this. Your wife has f***** other boys/men. As you said she is a great f*** and c*** sucker, very experienced. Embrace your w**** wife and f*** her, be dominant and let her f*** other on your terms. Take her to a swinger club watch her being f***** as a the other blokes wife take you in her mouth

  • No I will never do that.. the thought of her having f***** a teenage boy is enough.. were going to rebuild our marriage and put this all behind us... and yes as someone else posted keep it our secret..

  • Don't listen to those a******* who suggest you let your wife "play around" and f*** other guys. What they are suggesting is that you be her cuckold (look it up). They are probably highly sexualized guys who just want more sexy married women who are willing to f*** them (to enlarge the available pool so to speak). No self-respecting man lets his wife do that, and you are right, if you do, you won't be getting to f*** her anymore. If that's what she wants, then fine - but don't you provider her the financial and family support. Let her pay her own way and get the societal shame she deserves if she wants to be a s***. Post back when you decide what you want to do - some of us out here are on your side. Don't listen to the d****.

  • Things have got better for us recently and we have started to have s** again, she admitted to me that when she seen the big bulge in his pants the first time thet it made her all h**** and wet, she knew that she turned him on and he turned her on, she just couldnt resist seducing him, she knew he wanted to f*** her, what young guy wouldnt as shes a very sexy and good looking woman, i suppose if i had been in his situation that i would have wanted to f*** her as well given the chance.
    He has a big c*** and i only have an average size one, but shes never complained before, so i must have satisfied her sexually in the past, it maybe had been the excitement of getting caught as well i guess, we are keeping it our secret, but i hope our son never finds out, and it must make that young guy feel great knowing that hes f***** his friends mother.
    And just for your information while he was f****** her i was f****** her as well.

  • Thanks in not listening to the others to let her f*** any guy she likes.. no way ..that ain't going to happen.. and in glad your talking sense unlike Jane for instance... I have looked up ( cuckold ) and there's no way I'm going to be one of them.. thanks for your advice

  • ^^ it sounds like you are going to rebuild your marriage. Like I said in my 1st post - you should see a marriage counselor. She needs to rebuild your trust in her. The counselor can suggest ways to do this. Such as, you get access to all her electronic devices and accounts; you get to ask her to exchange cell phones with you for random days, so if someone is contacting her, you will see it and tell her you will check the bill for all calls and she has to explain any that you want explained. If she is not totally willing to do everything that you need her to do to win back your trust, then she is not willing to be faithful. Also, there is a website you should read - Good luck; I hope you make it.

  • If she's getting plenty of s** from you at home, and your needs are being met, then why not allow her to play? If she's that hot then you should be supportive of all her needs, including the need for young c***. She's going to be a happier and more fulfilled wife, and that's only going to make s** with you better. Encourage her to date as many as she can.......and to f*** them ALL.

  • Sorry this happened to you.I am not minimizing it but it probably happens a million times a day to unsuspecting lovers and spouses like you.Its an epidemic,though that does not make it right(remember OJ is suspected of fathering two daughters with Kris,his best friend's wife?).Someday,log on to experienceproject dot com and see for yourself what people do in real lives.
    Therapy will be good for you and maybe your wife.Violence or confronting the boy will be bad for you mentally and legally.Revenge may seem like a better option but its only temporary.Removing yourself from the shared home may be beneficial for both of you,while you both heal and reflect.
    I'm sorry to share this with you but I have spent many years f****** married women.I have asked questions and listened;there is a million reasons why they cheat and to them,every reason under the sun sounds plausible and valid and they expect you to understand,forgive and pretend nothing happened.ONE OF THE MARRIED WOMEN I F***** LAST YEAR TOLD ME THAT WHEN HE HUBBY CAUGHT HER CHEATING 3 TIMES MONTHS AFTER THEY FIRST GOT MARRIED AFTER COLLEGE,SHE GOT BETTER CRIED AND ASKED FOR FORGIVENESS ENDLESSLY EACH TIME.With 3 grown sons,and 25 years of marriage,she said she has discreetly slept with 101 lovers,some of them for an extended period of time, and hubby has no clue.Some of the women I have f***** are extremely trusted by their husbands and have been married for long and most have been doing that for long.I am sorry to say this but I highly doubt that your wife will stop just with this boy or this is her first and only time.Since my 20s,I have and been seduced by married women,they would stop at nothing to have s** with me.I loved the feeling and to this day,I have been hooked on them.don't think am bragging,I am simply sharing my experience with you so you can see that what happened to you could happen again and again.Try f****** some woman just for your own sanity.I have been cheated on,I get it!

  • Cheaters. cant live with them. cant trust them. but love them too much to let them go sometimes.

  • But to save our self respect, we have to let them go. I will not have a woman treat me like this. I am not some cuckold. I expect my woman to treat me with the same respect as I treat her. When that is gone, so is the relationship.

  • Just get rid of her. your son is old enough for this to not affect him as much as it would if this were to happen when he was younger. the way i see it if she really wanted to stay with you she wouldn't have seduced the boy. whose to say he is the only one? whose to say she wont do it again? obviously she felt no remorse about it when doing it and if she liked it that much what's to stop her from doing it again.

  • Assuming their affair is over, the thing you need to do is . . . forgive her. [Forget about the boy: he was nothing more than a means to an end.] It's commonly believed that forgiveness is solely for the benefit of the person being forgiven, but that's completely untrue. Forgiveness is about the forgiver, and the weight it frees him of, and the strength and love it takes to do the forgiving. You will be utterly amazed by how much better your life will be once you find a path to forgiving her of this indiscretion, and that's the way for you to go. Having said that, I'm not telling you to be a fool or to turn a blind eye to an ongoing (and unlikely-to-end) transgression, so you have to be convinced that she's not still with this boy or intending to repeat the relationship with someone else. But if you believe she's sincerely remorseful and not tempted to repeat the offense, then focus on finding a way to forgive: it will change the way she sees you and will change the way you see life.

  • Tell her you want a nice young girl to play with and see what she says

  • Get rid of the stupid b****, you don't have kids, there are many women , she is an idiot f*** face . If you stay with her you are a idiot . And wait to enter into another relationship . Women of today are just like men , bastards and s**** , you can damn well bet she will do it again , those tears are all for you and fake . P**** is everywhere, she is a w****, let her have her fun and say good by stupid b**** , go f*** your brains out . For sure she does not want or respect you , she will f*** anyone , and you are sucker . It has nothing to do with the graphic s***, no one cares, it is she is pure stupid and you are too if you do not say good by b**** .

  • You said you f*** her a lot so let her have her young f*** and she can tell you all about their f****, it will improve your s** life. She is clearly an easy f*** and had lots of others, take her to a swingers club and enjoy. My husband got me into swinging it great but its him I love. Jane X

  • Jane is totally correct. Do exactly what she says. EXACTLY!

  • Are you male or female? I'm bi so let me know if you want to f***!!!!!!! Jane xx

  • Thank do you w*** to f*** me. I'm easy and submissive, for you?

  • yep. consider yourself lucky to be married to such a hot piece of ass and let her have her fun.

  • Dude! How did you find out? So she has been f****** this kid for 6 months? Her excuses (she doesn't know what came over her and she just couldn't resist) might be acceptable for 1 time, but every time after that first time was a thought-out intentional cheating. Sure she's "very regretful and cries a lot". She's regretful she got caught. She's lucky she's not a teacher and he's her student (in my state) or she'd be going to jail. I feel for you man.

  • I found out from a guy who lives across the way he'd noticed this young guy going in and out of our house on a regular basis, he kind of thought it was a friend of our sons but my son is at university and living on campus and isn't here a lot any more, he got kind of suspicious coz he'd heard our son was at university and hadn't seen him around for a while , so he thought there must have been something not quite right there, I asked het about it and who this boy was and she just came out with it all , I couldn't believe what I was hearing like I wasn't there kind of thing, obviously I was in shock, she must have known someone had noticed all the comings and goings and they had mentioned to me, I've never told her who it was that told me, she could have lied to me and she must really have had a guilty concience to tell it all there and then, maybe she thought that I would get to know eventually and decided to own up right away, I still can't f****** believe it, its a massive kick in the b**** for me, this boys the same age as my son who's now 18 and where I come from there's no law against that as their deemed adults, she won't tell me his name or where he lives , believe me I feel like divorcing her as she seduced him and kept it all going for that length of time and you're right I think she is regretful she got caught, and hopefully my son won't get to hear about it from this boy, but you know what young boys are like, they like to boast of their sexual conquests and especially if he's been f****** a married woman and his friends mother, I still don't know what the f*** to do but thanks for your comments.

  • Do not do anything to the boy. That will only get you in trouble. You will have to decide if you want to stay with her, if you can ever trust her again. I could not, and I would already have moved out. I would advise you to see a therapist to help you figure out what is right for you, if you are thinking of staying. If you do decide to split up, your son doesn't have to know that his mother was f****** his friend, at least not from you (though his friend may let it slip). There are lots of ways to handle that, from just saying the reasons are private, to implying she was not faithful. Don't s**** up your kid just because you are mad at his mother.

  • I'm not going to do anything to the boy as I don't even know his name or where he lives, as much as I would like to teach him a lesson I know that would make matters worse as I would get in to trouble, I can't really put the full blame on this boy as my wife let him f*** her without any thought for me or our son, letting him f*** her once is bad enough but to keep on f****** him for 6 months is f****** ridiculous and unforgivable, and I don't know if he would let it slip to my son but I think he would have probably told his other friends that he's been f****** my sons mother and maybe they would let it slip, I can only imagine the damage that would do to him if he found out that way , in fact any way, I think you are right thart a therapist might be the way to go coz I can't think straight about it , you can say lifes really f***** up for me just now.

  • Yes,I would find a therapist - if you work for a big organization, they often have a benefit of limited number of therapy sessions per year for free (I have used this). Also, to let your wife know how serious a blow this is to you and your marriage, and to help you clear your thinking, I would move out for a month or 2. You can stay in one of those extended stay hotels without spending a lot. A therapist can help you decide if you really want to stay in the marriage, and if you do, what steps your wife needs to take to demonstrate that she can win your trust back. Good luck; I'm afraid you are going to need it.

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