I am f****** every woman I can with no remorse about Cheating

My stupid b**** wife was so ignorant she did not try to hide her tracks when she decided to have an affair , she even told her friends, and they all told me . I bugged her car and had her watched and sure enough she had s** with a dude a dozen times . We have 3 children and 2 have special needs and require a really loving devoted mother . My stupid b**** wife was not satisfied with me for some stupid reason , it was not about abuse or s** , I gave her more s** than she could handle , she always had o****** , it was just pure excitement of the affair. She has never been abused either. But she refuses to admit anything to me or tell me the truth . So I have f***** a dozen women in the last year or so and actively seek out b****** to f*** . I have absolutely no remorse what so ever . The stupid b**** does not care , she had a good husband a beautiful home and anything she wants , now she will soon have nothing and have to raise children on her own . B**** simply tell me the truth , but she will not . So I will continue f****** women until she tells me the truth , divorce is very sweet word except 3 beautiful children will not have a father or a home , I will totally leave the stupid b**** so she can f*** her brains out . She will never find me .

Nov 28, 2013

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  • Youre a scumbag for having that dude beat up its not his fault ur wife got sick of you f****** loser have fun paying for those kids

  • You leave, you pay....... it's called child support.
    Think about it. Maybe you should make her leave and she pays.

  • Laws need to change.......to many f****** leeches who dont wana work to support themselves they like to have the ex support them soo they can go for walks in the mall with the stroller and pretend like theyre a usful person

  • She f***** up.. And revenge is sweet.. Feel for the kids.. All I say is when u tell her.. Explain to her how it's all her fault and now she will suffer.. Can't stand cheating b******

  • You are my hero!

  • ever hear that two wrongs don't make a right? there's a reason that sayings like that become truisms: its because they're mostly true. what you're doing isn't a valid response to her actions, and her actions do NOT excuse yours.

  • I doubt you f***** anyone.

  • Why ?

  • Why are you delaying leaving that cheating s****? do it now, but also remember those are your children too and deserve your support.

  • Delay is due to the children , I know once I leave I will never see them again . The b**** can die for all I care , but the children deserve a good life .

  • Unless you live in, like, Yemen or Somalia or Mongolia or some other God-forsaken h***-hole you'll be entitled -- worst case -- to either joint custody or visitation: something that a court can enforce even if she runs (and frankly, if she's not smart enough to cover up adultery, she won't be smart enough to hide with kids). Go to court, sue the b****, get the children, turn off the credit cards, change the locks, sell her car, ruin her ass. Let her know that the days of her living off of you while she f**** a thousand other guys are o-v-e-r.

  • Please ease up on her, and on yourself. It seems likely that a large part of the reason she's acting out so egregiously is because of the special needs children and all the attention and effort they require. The affairs are an easy escape from her (and your) current reality, a place where she can forget about the demands on her (and your) time and love, a place where everything revolves around her (and your) pleasure, and they distract her (and you) from all being pulled in so many different directions, all at once. Does that excuse her (or your) cheating? It does not, of course. But understanding the underlying causes of objectionable behavior will help in dealing with and, perhaps, curing the objectionable behavior. The solution isn't retribution; it's love.

  • All I want is the truth , you tell me the truth and we can make it work . Foe men s** is s** , for women it is emotional , At least tell the truth and quit playing mind games , I only stay with her cause i love my children and know once we split it will get extremely ugly and I have to leave completely . I refuse to love her because she refuses to tell the truth , the love is Dead gone forever , but I do love my children . She is not worthy of love or respect, but the children are innocent

  • So true

  • She isn't developing emotional attachments to any of the guys she's f****** (it seems likely there's more than just the one you know about, unfortunately). She's just using them to mask the pain and horror of dealing with children who require so much attention: random affairs require NO attention and they distract her from the "truth" that confronts both of you in raising kids with greater needs than the norm. Whether or not it seems possible or warranted, she IS worthy of love and respect, although it may take a significant amount of time and effort (via counseling, if possible) to recover the ground that's been slipping under both your feet. I feel for you, and I hope both of you can find some calmer waters.

  • .....sometimes...........a b**** just need a beating.

  • I had her Lover Beat like h*** , he deserved it , it was easy , just money . I thought about killing him but that was too easy and fast , It is better to put him in the hospital . It is amazing what money can do , sweet feeling watching him beat so b***** .

  • You f****** b**** youre weak u couldnt even deal with it urself i hope u get herpes or aids or someshit its not that guys fault that ur w**** wife got sick of ur limp d*** f****** kill yourself your genetics are garbage .....

  • You should go to prison

  • ....may be time for her to take one....im just saying.....

  • Totally hear you man.I have done that for years and loved it.That is because I discovered that some women are selfish and others are unfaithful even when the guy is faithful,loving and hard working and providing everything for the family. I have f***** hundreds of women,most of them married,just because I know what women are capable of, generally.Just in the last 2 months,my kids mom has been very cold towards me and seems to have no interest in s**.For a few months before that,she could not have enough s** with me. I have been f****** this other woman every chance I get.The married women I have f***** tell me that hubby knows nothing about their affairs.Because of that,I decided to enjoy,assuming my wife or girlfriend of the moment, is cheating,capable of cheating,neglectful, or may cheat in the near future. I am extremely confident in what I do and how I do it, and I know exactly what you are saying or going through. Enjoy bro and thanks for sharing.

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