I've turned into a w**** just for him

I've liked/loved/whatever this guy for five years. He rejected me for another girl, 3 years later, they broke up and I let him back in my life. He told me he doesn't want a relationship, he just wants s**. I agreed to just be friends...with benefits. I know it's morally wrong, I'm giving up
my body for someone who doesn't give a s*** about me. I gave up my virginity for him. The worst part is that I fear everyday that he'll go back to his ex. I respect that he'll never care about me in that way, I'm just not his cup of tea, but I still can't control my feelings.
I wish he would love me, but he can't.
I wish I could leave him before he leaves me, but I can't.

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  • Have some respect for yourself!
    You lost your virginity,to someone who just wants you,as a regular booty call! He wasn't worth,your precious gift!
    Plus,you seem unsure,of your feelings for him.You sound confused.You can do better.Try to move on.Stop being a slave to your infatuation,for him.He'll never love you,like you want him to.

    Good luck and stop being his w****!

  • First of all start being honest with yourself. You don't even know precisely what you felt/feel for this a******. What is Likes/Loved/whatever? That's YOU saying I am taking him back because it soothes my ruffled feathers at being dumped. "Hey, Look at me world.... He came back to the better woman!!!" Go ahead, deny it.... but not until you have soul searched it!

    Why do you STAY with him even though he clearly only wants you as a c** depository until the next hottie in his mind comes along? Well.... How GREAT a woman would you be if you could make this a****** change his ways just for you? I mean really now, all the other girls/women would see how fantastic you are wouldn't they?

    Whether you want to admit it in public or not you know deep down in your self centered heart that I am right. Women are so vain that they convince themselves the bad boys will change for them cause THEY are so appealing!

    Yes, I am a genius!

  • Are you sure you really want to go out with someone like that? as far as i can see if he doesnt see anything wrong with using you right now and your going out how would he act if you were going out. he's not worth your time, end and look for someone who will treat you right.

  • Forgot 'not' in there sorry.

  • I am the poster: I wish it was that easy to just "end it." This is the first guy that has ever shown me any attention and he's literally the ONLY friend I have so it's hard to say goodbye to someone whose made a huge impact on my life (in a good way).
    But you're right, I'm still actively trying to find someone new right now and I known I'll find someone better. I haven't spoken to him for a week so let's see what happens if I don't respond to any of his calls/texts.

  • Nice the fact that you are taking these steps means that soon enough you'll get over this guy.

  • Life is to short to waste your time on someone who doesn't love you, respect yourself and move on without him.What I have done is change your number,change your locks (if he has a key) , put a restraining order on him , have a friend return anything you might have of his with a note that reads "the end do not contact me" . Keep it simple to the point and nothing more.You need not explain anything to him. And plan this all in one day, while he is away at work or where ever.good luck

  • When you reject him that's when he'll start wanting you.

  • Do not hate yourself for such an a******... Ain't worth it. Period.

  • ^^Excellent advice^^

  • what you describe isn't whoring; it just isn't. you care for him and want him to care for you. maybe he will, maybe he won't, but unless and until you meet someone who you like better, or want more, or who makes you feel more whole, then there's nothing wrong with being where you are, as long as you're safe and satisfied. just don't let that relationship keep you from looking for another relationship: it certainly hasn't impeded him.

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