When i was 14years i was raped ....there was this really cute guy that liked in school but he had a girl friend so i kept feelings to my self anyway his brother who always gestured at me attack me one afternoon when i stay back for classes.i went to the washroom and i saw him in there i did'nt think anything of it until he grabbed me and dragged me to the shower stall ,he told me if i screamed everyone would know he f***** me including his brother who was crushing on me, i started to cry and i begged him to let me go but he just push me back on the metal pipe fittings ,i was fighting him and he hurt my wrist before i knew it he was pulling my panties to the side to insert his p**** in me and with difficulty he said hmmm a virgin ..i like that ..when he entered me i froze and tried to imagine i was somewhere else but it hurt so bad i cried, when he was done he kissed me hard and said now my brother won't want you and he left ,i feel limp to the ground tired from the fight and sick to what just had happened ,i threw up i felt dirty and confused ,i sat there in a daze not knowing my next move ,the i thought to myself your if your parents found out you had s** in school they would kill you ,i got up slowly ,my body ached so much .i felt sick again i didn't know i had blood running down my legs and that my white socks was dirty with blood \ .when i got home i when directly to the shower i told my mom that i had my period , i tried hard to wash him off of me ...i cried in the bathroom ...i went to bed right after ...i woke up crying many nights i never told my parents ,at school,i felt like every one knew, when i saw him i panic and got really confused i was afraid of him ,he took something away from me ... when i tried to kill my self no one knew why i just felt so alone and to this day when i see him i get sick and confuse i want to tell some one ...i want him to know he hurt me and i want his family to know and my parents so i won't feel so alone in this.....scared and alone....


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  • I was so hoping you would of told your parents why would they get mad at you my goodness you didn't have s** you were RAPED ! That is a crime

  • You should tell on him because it could happen to someone else. Stop his ass dead in his tracks and tell. Tell someone you trust or beat his ass when you see him again.

  • F****** troll, get the f*** out of here s******.

  • Sounds like you offered p**** up on the plate.

  • Bull s*** confession, we should have a flag down button this deserves many.

  • I call shenanigans.

  • Is that your standard comment fucktard? You put it on every post. The kid has obviously been hurt.

  • Taking it a little personal did I bust your little bubble.
    You should have made true on your pathetic threat in your post, now get back under your bridge troll.

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