OH MY GOD, I hate mY F****** job. I was

OH MY GOD, I hate mY F****** job. I was just made supervisor, and I hate it...y would I want to stay. I can't wait fot the day when I tell my bosses to kiss mty F****** ass. I hate you LOMBARDO OPHTHALMOLOGy

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^not a good idea, they probaly have some sort of monitoring system for employees. Find another job BEFORE you quit. Our economy sucks, and for now, you may just have to take what you can get (like I said for now). At least your supervisor now. That means you get to sit on your ass and tell other people to do stuff, and get paid more than them!

  • Idea! start billing Lasik procedures for people you see listed in the obituaries. Do this for a few hundred people. Next, quit your job. Then call Medicare and be a "whistleblower" about his frauulent billings. You'll make big bucks with the reward, he'll be closed down and your are on easy street!

  • uh...quit? Duh!

  • Yes burritos !!

  • LOMBARDO: Shut up, you are fired and being replaced by an illegal Mexican.

  • In Brooklyn? Not fvcking likely. Go back to your precious Faux News and eat some more paint chips.

  • OH MY GOD YOUR A F****** T*** !!

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