I am in my early 20's and i've had s**

I am in my early 20's and i've had s** with two married women. i am so ashamed of what i have done and use it against myself constantly. no one knows about and i fear i will never be able to get over it. these women had children i feel so disgusted at myself even now almost a year since the last one and nearly 3 since the first. help please!!

Jul 8, 2010


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  • U need to get another maried woman try to trip her up feeling guilty my arsh

  • we all make mistakes. just get over it. and NEVER do it again.

  • No offense, but you should feel guilty. Reasons why, I am sure you already know, but you need to forgive yourself, and move on. At least you have grown enough as a person to see that it was a mistake. . .just learn from it.

  • yes it does take two doesnt mean it was ok though.

  • Don't be ashamed. It takes two to make something happen

  • But still that was really wrong im glad u realize that, i suggest u maybe get some therapy to help u get over it ppl do bad bad things but u need to forgive urself. Also i do hope their husbands know but at the sametime dont know it was u cuz id be scared that they would come after u or something.

  • it's not your fault. you weren't cheating. those whores their husbands call wives cheated not you

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