all girls in my shcool have big b****

all girls in my shcool have big b**** but are all s**** and i like a girl who has no b**** so she feels left out and she likes me but its wierd i dont knoow whet to do

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Why can't you guys just get together? It seems rather simple to me!

  • Damn I wish I'd attended THAT school.

  • I know some guys that actually prefer small boobies.

  • put your c*** on her shoulders..
    that way she have something to think about in the future..

  • At 17 i'm as flat chested as my 14 year old brother and i don't fit in with the other girls at school, and never get asked out by boys, but thats ok.

  • petites are hot.

  • yeah i dont see what the problem is shes worth it a lot more than those other s**** dont ppl realize that? Maybe if only care about big boobed bimbos than maybe she should be with someone else no effence.

  • stop being shallow and try to have a relationship instead of just being laid. a big chest isnt anything important, at least she doesnt have a loose v***** like the other s****

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