Wearing Wifes Panties

I love to wear my wifes panties. When I do I have a fantasy that I am in the same room as another guy who is also wearing and I w*** hard. Am I odd?

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  • Buy your own panties! It’s so much better.

  • Love to wear panties wife love to attack me until I come

  • I secretly wear the panties and a mini skirt.
    Sometime on cam when home alone.
    Its a sexual turn on being watched.
    To tease on cam I enjoy.

  • Why does another guy wearing panties have to be involved? Is that just a reason for you to experiment with homosexuality? Cuz that's just wrong. Not the homosexuality, the extra marital affairs.

  • I wear panties too.. infact recently i shaved myy legs, thighs and butt.. and i bought a few bikini panties and g strings.. it's kinky as h***..

    A lot now do wear panties and cam and some wear more like a mini skirt or dress.

  • I wear panties 24/7. Love to pleasure myself wearing panties while wife watches.

  • I love wearing my wife's panties. She knows about and does not care, she even picks lingerie out for sometimes. I used to "dress" a couple of times a week and take care of myself. When she lays something out for me I am assured of having mind blowing s**. I say wear the panties and j*** off all you want.

  • Thank you. I will keep on wearing and wanking. Would just like to share what im doing with another panty wearing guy.

  • I would wear my wifes panties with you, we could w*** each other off in them

  • I do when home a lone in April for 2 weeks as find panties and mini skirts sexy to wear and to c** inside the panties while wearing.

  • In a word.. no.. whatever floats your boat... I wear my gf black stockings and panties albeit when she's not there.. and I w*** hard as well.

  • Ever wore on cam-as some love being watched.
    I do when home alone or April time when alone for 10 days.
    But its a turn on watching I found.

  • That sounds so sexy. I wish my wife wore stockings. Maybe we could meet up and swap panties and I could wear your stockings. So hard just thinking about it.

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