I want a guy half my age...but

Okay this is a confession but it's also got a survey attached.

I am 47, I am attracted to a guy who's maybe 20-22 years old. Without me saying but by my eyes and my body language he could tell I want him. He is wicked sexy.

But then he got mad at me because after he approached me a few times, I didn't let it get anywhere. I think he hates me now. He probably feels shot down by me.

I want to verbally tell him I find him very attractive, but I didn't mean to mess with his head by not taking things further. I don't want him to feel led on and played.

This is not an ordinary situation. Things are complicated for me. I have a long time partner (significant other.) That isn't actually the problem. My S.O. would let me f*** this young guy but...I couldn't anyways. I have herpes. I won't do anything with another guy unless he's got herpes too. Even if we can't f***, I won't suck the young guy's d*** either because my S.O. has asked me not to do that for other guys. It is, after all, unsafe s**.

If you were the young guy, would you want to know what I want to tell him....and how would you deal with this ? What would you think of me and my situation ?

Would you rather know someone thought you were very hot but they still can't do anything about it with you ? (Unless of course by random chance he has herpes too.)

Or is it better not to know ?

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  • trailer trash. your embarrassing yourself.

  • .....sometimes...........a b**** just need a beating.

  • What??! No respect for women. Not funny, at all.

  • No, of course it isn't funny. Because it's true. Sometimes they do. This is one of those times.

  • Because OP isn't propositioning *you,* that's why. Poor little virgin!

  • I like the fact that you are willing to think this out for his benefit (unlike other people) before doing anything means a lot an i dont think that any answer you end up coming up with would be the wrong one but since you asked i think the best thing for you to do is to just explain the situation to him and just let it roll from there.

  • OP: Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

  • w-h-o-r-e

  • Shut up dont call the OP a w**** just because they are trying to think things out being making a mistake that could ruin someone else's life.

  • OP: Thank you !

  • S***!

  • If I were him, I would want to know how you felt, especially since he seems to have gotten some conflicted messages about that. I say you should be direct with him, and you should go as far with him (sexually) as you feel comfortable in so doing, given your existing relationship and your medical condition. For what it's worth, though, I would also strongly recommend that you explain both your relationship and your condition to him, and tell him that, if he's willing to become involved with you, you don't intend to EVER allow either of them to get in his way: you can control the relationship with discretion and you can control the herpes with medicine, both without risk to him. Tell him, too, that (1) his age is a large part of the attraction, and that he makes you absolutely drool with desire, and (2) you don't expect him to keep himself only for you: since you have an SO, you're willing to let him date as he sees fit, and that you'll do so without jealousy or imposing guilt. Go get him.

  • OP: Thanks for your post, I like most of it. I don't think I will let him know his age is what attracts me. I'm not attracted to any and all young men. I didn't like it when someone told me that my age was what made me attractive. I don't want to be a demographic, I want to be an individual.

  • Do NOT deny yourself the delicious pleasure of enjoying this young boy. Start him out with a series of seductive and addictive hand jobs: some in private, some while riding in his car, and some in public (under the table at a restaurant, e.g.). Then graduate to blow jobs (ignore what your SO says about that). Let all that evolve over a period of several weeks, as he becomes more and more dependent on you and more and more needy of what you give him. Always be seducing him, even when you aren't being intimate. Only at this point should you explain your medical condition to him, and allow him to decide how and when to begin the actual intercourse. By that time, you know what he'll want and he won't care about your condition: he'll want you so bad that he'll gladly allow you to transmit your condition to him., And he will love you for it.

  • for hot fun take him to the movies and give him handies

  • OP: Yeah, that's about the dumbest reply anyone could have written.

  • And like you're a genius? Right.

  • dont let this fantastic opportunity pass you by go get this man!!!

  • OP: Thanks ! I will try !

  • eatin' ain't cheatin'.

  • I agree. You don't need to tell the boyfriend what you're doing with this new guy, and especially you don't need to inform him that you're giving oral to the new one. Just enjoy yourself! Make this new guy your Christmas present to yourself.

  • OP: Not disclosing what I would do with the young man is called lying...that's how people get busted later on, when they acquire an STD from hidden "Christmas presents"...boy, now I understand why herpes is still spreading like wildfire...

  • It's always better to know than to not know. Tell him everything, including your medical condition and the available precautions . . . and the critical fact that you are contagious virtually ONLY when you are broken out. Emphasize the vital fact that you want him so bad he is driving you wild with desire, and tell him you'll do anything to get on him and stay on him; i.e., that this is not a one-time trial run or a meaningless fling. If he knows how badly you want him, and that you will do whatever it takes to get with him (including NOT telling your S.O., not EVER), my guess is that he will take you up on your offer. And yes: you must offer to do anything to have him.

  • OP: Herpes can be passed even when there is NO obvious or detectable outbreak. This is why people keep spreading it ! Look up "viral shedding" and you'll learn something very important to your sexual health. And I won't do blow jobs just to "have" him. Again, read about oral s** and STD risks and learn some more.

  • From what I've read herpes is a very manageable condition. Let him decide if it's worth the risk.

  • OP: Hi, yeah I could do that- except I would not let a young man who may be thinking with his d*** and not his head make a decision like that about the risk. Herpes is manageable but permanent. That should not be the lasting gift I give him since our association could only be casual.

  • You need to get your SO involved to watch you , he will have a blast watching you f*** your brains out . How long can you last , and how many o****** can you have with a really hot guy ?/ If he excites you , you know you will have many o****** . Check into Ointments and go see a Doctor . I have the best time watching my wife f*** one of our friends . Just listening to her and watching her makes me so excited . She really needs a younger man for s** . And one with a big super hard c*** .

  • Tell the guy you think he is hot and would love to f*** him, that will get him excited. But also tell him he must use precautions . There are specific medications that he can apply to himself to ward off herpes , which is not bad at all . herpes can come from a variety of things, not cleaning your r***** good enough , etc . Have you seen a doctor ? Even though herpes is contagious it also cures easily . Tell him you want to f*** him after your cured . Or use special precautions . I let my wife f*** a young stud all the time , she loves it and has many o****** . I make him use precautions and her too . There are specific ointments to prevent spreading . I love to watch her have lots of o******.

  • OP: There are prescription pills that may discourage or minimize outbreaks. But nothing as of today December 20, 2013 "cures" herpes. Also, herpes spreads via skin to skin contact with an infected person who may or may not have an obvious outbreak...herpes isn't acquired because of an unclean r*****. That is totally false. So what are you talking about ??

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