Obsessed with seeing my wife o*****

Maybe i am sick , but I love to feel and see my wife o*****. Though she is not loud she becomes so physical when she is in o*****. It is the most erotic and exciting thing to me . She has only been in love with one man before me and had s** with just him , so she is not a s*** . after 3 years of marriage and lots of s** we decided to experiment with another couple . They showed us Pictures, and selfee videos made of them having s** . My friend is ultra good looking according to my wife so we take turns doing threesomes . We do it all kinds of ways , the girls on one guy or me and my friend on just one girl while the other takes a break . My wife loves the double attention from two hot males . And I love to see her o***** . I never realized watching her palpitate in hard o***** would get me so excited . I have became obsessed with seeing her enjoy herself . Maybe I am a sick person and maybe she is also. But she loves it more than me . I never thought 4 people in one bed having s** would get me so excited . It is the sounds and sights of flesh against flesh , and wet p**** against a wet hard d*** that drives me wild . To see her in contractions while in o***** makes me drunk with l*** .

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  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • Im a girl and really h****,

  • Sounds like my wife

  • Sounds like my blow up doll.

  • How old are you and do you look good in the women clothes? You sound really really hot, can i get a pic?

  • You must get your ass kicked a LOT! You would around my friends.





  • your gonna be sorry you introduced her to group action because she sounds like shes one of those who get totally totally addicted to all the attention and the multiple penetrations. shes gonna need more and more of it and you may very well find yourself being marginalized and overlooked. i speak from sad experience: this is just exactly how i lost my wife. i hope you have better luck than me.

  • Fine since your so stupid cant understand simple short hand i'll translate the piece for you////// My boyfriend loves me a lot but the problem is that when I make a mistake he shouts at me because of him I never talk to any guy and I even forgot my Best friend.......my best friend was very flirty but only with other girls although he likes me very much but he never crossed his limit..... But my boyfriend don't like him because he thought that he flirt with me so I broke my friendship with me.... My boyfriend help me in every problem and he knew that I feel jealous if he talks to a girl he told me to leave my best friend I did but he never tried to understand that he should leave his friend too because I don't like her.... I can not even tell him because he always show me that I'm wrong.... I'm not I love him////// there it's translated now you can read the words she put down.

  • wtf??

  • My husband and I sleep with another once a week. We f*** and suck all night. I love having my ass and p**** shot full of c** at once.

  • There's nothing sexier than watching a woman o*****. Seeing her muscles tighten, her back arch, her eyes become unfocused as the intensity of the pleasure washes away any semblance of rational thought... beautiful. It is in that moment she is truly honest, and I love making women honest, over and over again.

  • There's nothing like kicking a man in the b****. Seeing him wince and whine like a crybaby is so beautiful and at that moment it's the only time in his life one of those lying p***** is honest. And I love making men honest over and over again.

  • You are strong. I would risk being made 'honest' by you for the chance to make YOU honest. How confident are you? Are you sure you can resist the addictive nature of pleasure longer than I can resist the punishing nature of pain? Or does the uncertain outcome of such a contest excite you? I can think of worse fates than to be commanded by a woman who has earned the right but to conquer such a woman... what a glorious victory that would be!

  • She sounds super sexy. Your lucky.

  • Fake.

  • I dont think there is anything wrong with that. It just means you enjoy your wife.

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