Molly Cyrus Should Have Got It

I love Molly Cyrus. She is the most awesome human being ever. She should have got the person of the year award instead of some old pope. And she is way hotter than him.



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  • Highly Virus is a moron. She has zero talent.

  • No! She's incredibly talented!

  • Agreed.......

  • Miley is perfect in every way.........

  • I totally agree. There's nobody more talented than her. Nobody smarter than her. Nobody more beautiful than her. Nobody hotter than her. Nobody better than her. Nobody. NOBODY.

  • Miley should be person of the year every year. She's too beautiful and too fine to NOT be the person of the year. I love her!

  • Miley is beautiful. And she's sexy. More than anybody in history.

  • I love her, too. I mean I really love her and would marry her in a NY minute. Everything about her is natural and just herself, not something fake or put up for publicity. She is an amazing woman, and the most beautiful one alive and the most talented, too.

  • Don't know if anyone saw Miley's special on NBC over the holiday weekend (July 4 weekend) but OMMFG! That woman is the best singer on the planet and the best entertainer of any kind and her Bangerz Tour show is AMAZING! If you didn't see it you HAVE to go find it and get it On Demand! You HAVE to! It's amazing! She's amazing! OMMFG! Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy, Sexy!

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • "Molly"?

  • Yep, even "Molly" Cyrus is a man.

  • miley is the m************ s***!

  • HA! The b**** is already falling off the radar, and you know it. She hasn't been in the news at all lately, and her music is dropping like turds in the toilet. Nobody cares about her selfish behavior and her bony cameltoe anymore.

  • Miley's train is rolling along nicely right now, but I think everybody can see the wreck that's coming. It's going to be spectacular. And deadly. And not just for her.

  • mileys a ho

  • I agree : Miley was absolutely the person of the year in 2013 (and will be again THIS year). Time screwed up by not giving the award to her. And Vogue reeeeeeally screwed up by taking her off their cover after the VMAs. Miley is already at the top, but she's going to become even more powerful throughout the entertainment industry in the next two years, and she isn't going to forget how Time and Vogue disrespected her. She's going to ruin those little b******. She's going to own their a****. And then she'll start her own magazine and drive those sagging p****** out of business. They will all be sorry then. All of them. Miley will be in charge.

  • Miley Cyrus is a w**** I adore.

  • i wouldnt f*** miley cyrus with YOUR d***. shes disgusting.

  • Miley Cyrus = S****

  • Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.

  • Five words sum up why it doesn't matter what the haters say about Miley. She Is Better Than Them.

  • These naive, unworldly people don't get it. Miley is just using artistic shock therapy to wake up a tired music industry. When she's ready and her work is completed, she'll morph back into a more Hanna Montana persona. She is totally in control of the process. She is not unraveling. Repeat: She is not unraveling. She is a PR and marketing genius who has achieved global recognition for her musical masterpieces through shocking and awing the world with her peerless showmanship and her immesurable brilliance. To the fuddy duddys who don't get her. Take a breath, count to ten and just listen with an open mind and an open heart. You just might be able to get out of your over 30 mindset you are stuck in and be liberated. - An NYC Smiley Miley Fan

  • She's a train wreck and only appeals to rapist supporters.

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • Miley is depressed and she is digging her own grave with the way she is acting. Do you seriously think anyone in their right state of mind would act the way she does? She is literally calling out for help and the fact that you are worshiping this behavior is disgusting. The entertainment industry has you brainwash to think the way Miley is acting is cool and is a way to get back at your parent and all of that blah blah blah. But let me say once you go the path of Miley you will be made to remember that for the rest of your life. It will impact everything you do until you will find yourself stuck doing thing so that they wont remind others of the way you used to be. And believe me once Miley gets back on her feet she will regret all that she is doing right now. And you can say she could do these things just because she is young, but I found kids can be just as mature as an adult and are a h*** of a lot better at understanding things than you would think. So,just because you think she will get over this in time, or that she is just trying to make a new image for herself, just know she is building a pit for herself that she might never be able to climb out. If all of you were really her fans you would see that she is hurting instead of praising the messed up ways she has right now.

  • shes not depressed and she will never regret any of this because she has no reason to. the new image she is making is really well thought out and its making lady gaga look like a f****** nun. miley is the new gold standard and she will be the one to change the world of music of acting of entertainment and of style.

  • Who the H*** is Molly Cyrus you must mean soon to be Miley
    syphilis Who care's just another scallywag anyway can't stand the c*** And anyone in tier right parental mind would ostracize her for what their children are seeing as okay it is telling them it is profitable and indicating that acting like a complete whose bag s*** is good as long as the filthy trash makes you lot's of money entertaining w**** monger's and My dog is has more s** appeal than that homely B**** you people that think she is beautiful need to get your head examined she is not the least bit attractive and all the make up in the world cant change that beauty cant be made out of make up that is why it is called make up.
    have any of you seen most of the actor's with out make up just like Miley they are either homely or but ugly.

  • miley is by far the most beautiful woman in the entire world and time mag is going to be soooooooooo sorry that they screwed her out of that award because they could of been way ahead of the popularity curve and just said the truth about her being person of the year. by the end of this year shes going to blow up so big that when they come back to her and ask her to be person of the year for 2014 shes going to laugh in there face and nobody will have to give her a award because everybody in the world will know that miley is person of the year for every year. her hair is beautiful her body is amazing her ink is just perfect and her piercings are incredible. and besides all from that you are going to be so sorry that you ever said anything negative about her and you are going to be in love with her and want to marry her. you are going to lose her and lose the argument. miley is so perfect and you so arent.

  • You seem like a hot macho man who likes to be in charge. You into guys? Just wondering. Billy

  • Bro, you need a hug?

  • I could use one and a bit more. Billy

  • If you ever went to a Miley concert you wouldn't say those horrid things about her. The truth about how awesome she is would set you free. And you would become a smiley Miley believer. Yes you would.

  • Mark my words, Miley will own 2014 too. You heard it here first.

  • No she wont, she does not have enough fans.

  • Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley Miley

  • A Hannah Montana song that would do all of fans of the current Miley Cyrus proud----:

  • Miley can twerk way better than that. And see how famous she is. Rappers know by singing about anything connected to her they can hit the big time. That's the power of Miley Cyrus. In your faces to the haters!!!

  • Nah that's not even real rapping, most people make fun of that song. Only thing good about that song is the beat, which is why most people listen to it.

  • Miley is the one of the girls in the "two girls one cup" video

  • I am so happy that Miley did this video. It's the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life, and she is just so beautiful and loving in it. This proves just how mature and superior Miley really is. You can't watch this and think she's not a wonderful person and going to make a wonderful wife and mother. You go, Miley!

  • Sure it just shows she knows how to eat her s***.

  • Http://

  • Miley is so beautiful. Her voice is to die for.

  • Help Wanted: Telepath. You know where to apply.

  • What happened to the new confessions? What, are they not posting them anymore?

  • I confess I want to marry Miley.

  • "I came in like a wrecking ball ...!"

  • Miley is a w****,
    she took it from that boar,
    thrusting quick, with panting groans,
    that boar made Miley moan.
    Miley has a spot,
    a nasty shiny spot,
    it's red with puss,
    nothing you could trust,
    for that spot is on her lips.
    Miley Miley wiggle that ass,
    Miley Miley you sound so crass,
    Miley Miley child star torn,
    Miley Miley new w**** is born.

  • Dude is jealous cause he knows he can't have her. She is so out of his league.

  • No one wants that who knows what the h*** she got.

  • Shock me, say something intelligent.

  • I did. I said, who the h*** wants that. No ones know what s*** she got swimming around in her p****. I'm more for clean loving without, the fear of getting a STI.

  • Did you have an extra bowl of stupid this morning?

  • Blasphemy!

  • According to the New York Post, Miley is out. She had her attention for going slutty in 2013, but 2014 will be the end of her flash in the pan notoriety. Good riddance! Taylor Swift, who doesn't need to embarrass herself to sell songs, is still going strong.

  • My daughter dressed like Hannah Montana we double penatrate her in a van x

  • ME AND 2 work pals double penatrated he’s daughter age 11 in a old work van giving her a lift to school her name is rianna just started big school so sexy in her uniform white knee socks and we seen a pair of white cotton panties Disney ones so we shown her a preteen getting DPED and asked rianna if she ever seen this before she stared at the screen smiling saying wow I’s that Millie my school friend wow we then got are c**** out striped her out off uniform sniffing her panties then we hammered the dark haired flat chested tightest holes you ever can DP and another in her mouth wow 11 year old f***** hard air tight for over a hour

  • Well I hope Molly Cyrus, who ever she is, is worthy of the award, but I know for a fact that Miley Cyrus is not worthy of that award and probably will not ever get that award. So keep pushing for this Molly so she could become known to the world for the wonderful person you think she is.

  • Omg, I'm sorry, but I almost p***** myself laughing at this. I once had a heated argument with a goat at the local petting zoo. He was being mean to the other goats, lol.

  • She is so real and so honest and so unwilling to compromise herself or her music. she lets the world take her or leave her and she dont care which it is. she is who she is and thats that. she was always that way no matter what age she was at and now that shes older people just cant always handle it but she is so real. she was always my favorite musician and she always will be. her music pierces my heart and my soul and if i could be like her i would be.

  • Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Miley
    Dont cha, dont cha

  • MEOW

  • ^^the sound made by a p****^^

  • Damn straight she should have got it. That pope can't sing and dance as good as Miley can.

  • I think you are superior. It's obvious. I bow to your greater knowledge. It's not a problem, it's a gift.

  • The dirty way they did Miley in not giving her that award when she had more votes was wrong!!! I wrote a letter to Obama about it.

  • your totally right they did her soooooooooo dirty and i hate the whole magazine for doing that to our miley who was totally the person of the year and of the decade and she should get recognized for it she is so wonderful...........

  • I hated Miley when she was that Hannah Montana Disney twit. Now that she's become a mature and sexy woman I love her.

  • Agreed. She was so boring as that goody two shoes. I don't care if TIME didn't give her Person of the Year. Miley will always be Person of the Year in my heart.

  • The true Miley Cyrus. Dont be fooled by her pretty face she is really a dude. Watch her perform in her personal video:

  • That is blasphemy!!!

  • No this is truly Miley Cyrus. Get your head out the cloud and understand that she is a MAN.

  • No way. Even the dumbass, jealous haters know she's not a man.

  • Miley is sooo skinny,if she is called a zombie.we all win cry and be soooooook sad.because she has passed away.

  • Miley Cyrus is a stupid c***. No ass...just a fame w****.

  • Miley got screwed out of that award.

  • To the morons who posted negative comments about Miley. Your stupid comments are like fleas on an elephant's ass. You don't deserve to even write or mention Miley's precious name. She's one of the biggest stars in the world. You are as insignificant as p*** ants compared to her. I know your Haterade is filled with jealousy and stupidity. Have a nice day!

  • OMG! Miley french kissed a Victoria Secret's model, Cara Delevingne! That is soooo hot!

  • Gosh! That is hot! I wish she would kiss me like that. Sigh.

  • I'm so excited! Miley is coming to Omaha on March 6. I told the other members at the senior center I attend! We are all going! I haven't been this excited since Kennedy got elected! This is the cat's meow!!! I know some of you younguns probably think old farts like us got no business going to a Miley Cyrus concert, but just because we're old doesn't mean we're not hip.

  • That is so sweet. You will be part of musical history and will have the best time of your lives.

  • The only thing she should have gotten was my big hard d*** rammed up her tight ass.

  • Wow! That's hot and right up my alley. Do you do dudes?

  • Do you want to suck my big hard d***? Open wide! Don't forget to swallow.

  • Wow. A love connection on ConfessionPost. You guys should get a room.


  • How old are you and do you look good in the women clothes? You sound really really hot, can i get a pic?

  • Finding my account

  • Any sexy girls out their got really drunk lately??? Please tell us about it or better still, post a picture or two.

  • You post pics of yourself drunk and naked first.

  • PERV!!!

  • Did you see her Adore You video? Hot! Hot! Hot! The prudes who posted here would probably say it's unwholesome. But, it's about family values, which this lyric from the song serves to show:

    You and me—we're meant to be
    In holy matrimony
    God knew exactly what he was doing
    When he led me to you

    You see that prudes? It has marriage and God in it. Find something to trash Miley with about that. That's right. You can't. That song probably has more family values than those tired show tunes and sappy love songs you listen to.

  • "To twerk is to look like a j***."

    - Abraham Lincoln

  • As a parent I detested Miley. I thought she was the worst rolemodel ever. Then one day I watched her on TV and wow wow whee! I became a smiley Miley fan. Me and my kids are going to see her in concert someday. I know some parents think Miley is too sexy for her own britches but come on this is not the 1800s. Miley is like Victoria's Secret underwear compared to tired old granny underpants. Seriously.

  • I am sorry, but you are delusional.

  • I am sorry too because you are a B****!!!

  • Sounds like my wife

  • The people who say miley is not a role model are crazy people. I got better grades cause of miley. She showed me what a woman can do when she puts her mind to it. She is the best. I got pictures of her all over my bedroom. She is and will always be my idol. God bless her.

  • If you got that from her then your a damn idiot, your own mother, or teacher, or any other women out there are prime examples of what a woman can do when she puts her mind to it. Look around and stop putting down the women in your life just because they aren't famous and haven't shown the world their bodies.

  • What is with these people bashing Miley? Don't they get it? I would give my right arm to be as cool and good as Miley. She reinvented herself from a mindless Disney clone to an international superstar and a media wonder girl. You read about her in the news all the time because they recognize her greatness. Mark my words, one day she will be bigger than Michael Jackson and every other superstar. Seriously, she's that darn good.

  • The simple answer is they are too stupid to understand how great Miley is. It is like an ant trying to understand algebra. If they tested her fan's IQs, I bet they would have intelligence way higher than most people's. I know they would be way smarter than the people who don't get Miley. For real.

  • No let me correct you I'm too smart to be brainwashed by the stupid actions of Miley Cyrus. Maybe when she stops trying to be a damn attention w**** and starts acting her age, maybe then I'll start looking to at like the adult she is, but until then I have no respect for her. And for all of you hypocrites supporting her let me say this, plenty of people have done the same damn thing she is doing right now, and you were among the crowd bashing them. Get your damn priorities straight, if you're going to support one person for doing such nasty things then support them all, don't nitpick and choose someone just because they happen to be famous. Miley is a w**** just like all of the other whores who came before her and if you can accept her then you damn well better accept them, too, because they have a better reason for being the way they are than she does.

  • God, what a horrible creature she is. I would hate to be one of her parents. She's awful, awful, awful!!

  • f*** da pope miley should of won.

  • Yeah!

  • I don't know how that old pope won. It makes me wonder if the contest was fixed and Miley got screwed out of the title that should have been hers. I'm hoping People magazine will give her a most beautiful award. She deserves that one too.

  • Maybe because the Pope has been helping people and working with charity to aid the lives of others rather than just working to increase his fame. Yes it kind of goes with his job but that is why he went for the job in the first place, to help others and not just himself.
    Miley takes off her clothes for money and fame. She gives nothing back to the people who love her. Thats why she didnt win the award you silly little people. Use logic if you have any.

  • You are absolutely, totally, completely correct!

  • i agree that the whole contest was fixed to keep miley from winning it. if there was ever a person who should of won person of the year in any year it was miley in 2013. that pope needs to give it back and tell everybody that he cheated to get it and that miley actually got more of the votes OR GOT THEM ALL!!

  • You are so right.

  • And her twerking. OMG! To die for!!!

  • It's so hot when she does that and I love the way she sticks out her sexy tongue.

  • SHE SUCKS!!!

  • You wish!

  • Many guys have fantasies about famous women and that's not unusual,but I have a deep fantasy about a woman that is an unlikely fantasy,Lady Hillary Clinton ! I consider tge ultimate woman in every way and would love nothing more than to have the honour of being her slave ! How strange is this and does anyone here share the fantasy ?

  • I don't. I'm a Miley man. She is the best fantasy ever.

  • Me too, bro. Loving that hot lady.

  • The people posting negatives about Miley are old people. Old people don't get Miley. They are too set in their old fashioned ways to appreciate her genius and her talent. She is her own woman and she's independent, successful and loved by millions of fans all over the world. Her twerking is just another way of sticking it to the Man in a world filled with people who can't just let go and live. If I were married, I'd be proud to have a daughter as successful and as loved as Miley.

  • Im not old, in fact im 17. Miley is nothing to be appreciated. Yes she is grown and independent, but she is also dependent on other peoples opinions of her. Get a daughter and when she wears nothing and rubs her ass on the crotches of men twice her age and who she hasnt even met then come back and tell me you are proud. Sounds like you need to grow up yourself if im honest.

  • I'm a 21 year old female and I think the way Miley is acting is disgusting. Seriously if she wants to go crazy she can do it somewhere else. I'm tired of hearing about the new stunt she pulled to get attention. I'll say it like it is if she had of been living a normal life she would have gotten a beaten for how she is acting, and believe me plenty of parent still do beat their childrens' a**** at that age. It's ridiculous that just because she is famous people feel she doesn't need to be properly disciplined. Just as your parents made your ass hot time you came home every time you were bad at the store her parents need to do the same to her. For all of those saying she is trying to remake her image and all of that bullshit, well good for her, but the way I see it most people remaking their images don't go that far and they show the results at the end not some half finished product that is embarrassing to even look at. She needs to grow up because there are other things happening in the world that should be reported other than what Miley Cyrus is doing today.

  • No way you are 21. You are probably somebody's parent posing as a young person. Nobody 21 would ever say such horrid things about Miley. That's like insulting the Pope or saying Obama sucks or calling the Bieb a j***. No way you are 21 unless some misguided, out of touch, older person brainwashed you and turned you against one of the greatest performers that ever blessed the world.

  • I am 21 birthday august 18th 1992, and I have the sense not to be attracted by the brainless actions of Miley Cyrus, I'm pretty sure there are other people within our age group who would agree with me.

  • I agree with you completely. I am 17 and I think she is an awful example for a human being. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but she needs to wear more clothing because all she is doing is making young girls think that less clothes mean more people liking you which is WRONG on so many levels. She has done nothing good in the world apart from a little acting when she was younger and actually wore clothes; she was once able to amuse children with something similar to talent.

  • Your parents must be proud to have a daughter with the good sense you have. And you are so right about Miley Cyrus.

  • A smart, young woman like this gives me hope for her generation. This is what younger women should look to for a role model. Not some out of control kid who used to be a decent girl. That nonsense Miley does on stage is disgusting and stupid. Hannah Montana has lost her way.

  • "Miley" Cyrus is an untalented, unattractive little fame w****. I see p*** in her future.

  • Unfortunately, you are probably right. She has gone downhill and I wouldn't be surprised if a drug rehab center is in her future too. She looks demon possessed when she sticks out her abnormally long tongue. And she has no clue how she is making a fool out of herself.

  • OMG! That's blasphemy!

  • Wrong! It's honesty.

  • I agree. She is the best.

  • She is hotter than him. That should count a lot for person of the year.

  • *Miley Cyrus* i think you mean hun
    And each to their own i suppose, I think she is an awful rolemodel but your entitled to your own opinion, your probably a troll though haha

  • Well I think your completely right, and in my own personal opinion I think that all Miley Cyrus fanatics are stupid little sheep because all they do is follow this one girl who does nothing but get naked and try to get people to fantasize about her body. How is that good for people? All its doing is giving her an ego boost and making young girls think that because people like her then they should be just like her and twerk their a**** all over town.
    The person who originally wrote this confession is most likely a troll because I think that anyone who cares about something will have respect to be able to spell it right, its not even a difficult name. That and i can imagine that trolls are pretty illiterate, in fact they are thought to be notoriously dense.

  • I love the name of Miley so much now.if i have a daughter,she is going to be named Miley Cyrus,and etc,what ever my last name is,that is how much i love Miley.there is no other girl like Miley in the world.Ilove that she is a better singer.i

  • Gawd! You are such a b****.

  • My, my, my. What an extraordinary coincidence that this person's writing is the same as the OP. Could this be one of the nefarious MEOW's many masquerades? -The Writing Vigilantes

  • You prolly think she is an awful rolemodel cause you cant twerk as good as her.

  • She was dped by two boys in school she was 10 they was 14

  • We double teamed my step daughter Jess so flicking tight hammered both her holes in a old factory wow so hot

  • Haha i dont need to twerk to get attention, i can hold a conversation because i have something called a BRAIN

  • She needs to grow an ass before she can twerk....she's disgusting.

  • "She needs to grow an ass before she can twerk."

    LOL, how true.

  • I got a double laugh. lolololololololololol

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