I am married but have gay s**

My wife and I are in a sexless marriage. Aside from that we get along pretty good. I have been bisexual my whole life but about 2 years ago my gay urges got the best of me and I have been having fun (usually before or after work) with another man.

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  • What you need is a good meatspin.

  • My wife has no idea that the reason I don't f*** her anymore is that I'm being f***** regularly by another man. I don't need her anymore, and I don't want her. I just want him. NASTY.

  • I do the same thing with a much younger gay guy who is hung like a horse. God I love that boy and I can't get enough of him. Unfortunately he knows how much and how bad I want him and he uses it against me in sort of a blackmail way, but I even love that (in secret). He works with my wife and he is so unbelievably hot!!

  • I would love to have my wife watch me give/get oral from a man.

  • Define Transvestite:
    A guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary!

  • How about a blow by blow account of your hot man s** adventures?

  • I cannot stop Masturbating, I have tried to stop many times before and failed.

  • I can't either, sweetie, even since I bought that rabbit vibrator. Wooooo hoooo!

  • This confession made me wet.

  • Iam so glad I don't know you. What an ass.

  • Me too, i can do dat all the time.. i am a male, 27 yrs

  • I'd love to do all that licking eating you out and f****** you like you want id treat you like a queen I love blow jobs to we would get alone good we would probably spend all our free time in the bed room or where ever you wanted to do it

  • My d*** got hard reading this. I would love to lick your manly toes.

  • I really need a huge c*** c****** inside me after that! So h****!

  • Wow. You have the best of both worlds doubling your pleasure and doubling your fun.

  • I wish I had your b****. My wife would kill me if I did that. I'd like to but I'm scared of what she would do if I got caught, and she probably would catch me. She's a cop and has a horrible temper when I p*** her off.

  • I would do it just to spite her

  • Yeah, Dude. I'm sure you wish you had his b****.

  • How old are you and do you look good in the women clothes? You sound really really hot, can i get a pic?

  • I wish i had a hubby like you.

  • Are u a dude?

  • No girl, i want a relationship where my husband goes out and has s** with another man, i think its sexy as h***.

  • I can relate to this. My married buddies and I like to fool around with each other when we get drunk. We are not gay. We just like a little man on man sometimes. It makes our marriages better. When the wives aren't in the mood, we can have a meet up, get drunk on our a**** and have prison s**, meaning it's all good and not gay.

  • Yeah dude....it's gay as h***. Stop fooling yourself.

  • C'mon, Man. You got it all wrong. It aint gay. A little butt porkin among buds is awesome and manly and not gay at all unless man on man s** is all you do. Once you're in a room with your buds and the door closes, it's prison rules with the mano a mano s**. When you leave the room you go back to the ladies. And if you're high and dry without a lady, it's like a tune up to keep your manly motor running. It's all fun and games and everybody gets to bust a nut. Seriously, it's a beautiful thing. Male bonding at its best! Hoowaaa!

  • I want a set up like this, I have gay s** all the time, love it, just don't want to live the gay lifestyle and I fell nothing for dudes, I have a HIGH s** drive and it helps.

  • Nope...Gay. My friends would never even consider that. And I would shoot them if they did.

  • I don't care what you do, and I doubt anyone else does, but you at least need to be honest with yourself about what it is. If it's homosexual s**, it's gay: that's the definition, dude. There's no avoiding it. Call it what it is.

  • The reason that liberated guy enjoys butt s** with his buddies is that it stimulates the Male G Spot otherwise known as the Prostate gland. The unenlightened poster claiming the butt s** guy is gay has no idea how incredible it feels when another man's member goes up the a*** and Eureka! electrifies the prostate glands with ecstasy. Nothing like it. Better than getting oral from a woman. P.S. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Many straight guys take it up the ass now and then. It's a refreshing change from the usual fare. It's like living in the corn fields of Iowa and taking an exciting vacation to Paris and seeing all it's sparkling wonders.

  • F*** you a******...nothing is better than oral s** from a pretty girl.

  • I took a d**** and a butt plug up my ass once just to see if this whole prostate thing was true. It felt f****** awesome!!!! Never felt anything like that before. I did get rid of the toys though, I didn't want my wife to find them and I was a little ashamed. But don't knock it till you tried it. It does feel surprisingly good.

  • No, it's like living in the hetero world and then taking a disturbing vacation to Faggotville and feeling all the d**** up your ass. Wake up, b****: you're a h***!

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