Go f*** yourselves

I guess I get perplexed at how you all can spend so much time telling me how unhappy I make you so that, when I decide to move on, suddenly you get all flustered and can’t believe I’m “leaving you behind”. None of you act like I am a person you want around. You make it very clear everything I am is an affront to you. A drag. You tell me ‘nothing good has happened since I’ve shown up’. So then, if I go, shouldn't you be happy? Shouldn’t you be walking on air? How can you be upset? It doesn’t make sense. I hate you but you better not leave me, is that the game we’re playing?

How long do you expect me to stick around listening to how inadequate I am for you? How I need to be ‘more of this’ and ‘less of that’. And why, may I ask, is it MY responsibility in your mind, to change EVERYTHING that I am simply because YOU are not pleased with the way God made me? How come you don’t have to change anything? How come you all get to be fat, uneducated, and liars, and cheaters, and whiners and b******* and complainers? How come you get to be nasty and hateful and crude and you don’t have to change anything about yourselves at all? Why is it that everyone around you is ‘wrong’ and you never look in the mirror and face that fact that some of you are abusive. And alcoholics. And users. You’re kids are out of control. There’s no discipline. No sense of reality. No honor. No integrity. You compete with each other and talk behind each other’s backs. You talk all this crap about ‘family’ but not one of you has anything nice to say about the other if you don’t think the other is listening.

And I’m the a******?


At this point, I say good riddance. I’m the one dodging the bullet here. While I move off to set up my own sanctuary and nourish what I know to be good and right with myself, you all will continue in the same vein, each of you convinced in yourselves that you and only you are doing the “right thing” in the “right way”.


Good luck with that.

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  • Ahhh... shut up!!

  • Feeling a little exposed, pumpkin? OP is making a good strong stand and stepping away from what sounds like a bunch of toxic jerks. The fact that you can't handle it speaks volumes about the kind of creature YOU are.

  • I am new on here by 2 days and not sure why others are causing you to feel unwanted.
    I never turn anyone away or judge them.
    If you want to chat anytime let me know.
    I am older but have been giving advice to many for over 30 years.

  • No one wants to take responsibility for their actions and most people don't even see their flaws, I understand no ones perfect but when it interferes in my everyday life I get p***** off too. I totally understand what you're saying, this is why I hate people.

  • Same here

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