I was.

I went to a party a couple months ago and it was mostly guys there. I got drunk but not to the point to where I didn't know right from wrong and I hooked up with a guy and word got out and I was passed around to probably about 10-12 guys without protection. I don't regret it.

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  • Young, bar hostess friend of mine had similar experience. Went to party with guys from her firehouse, knew she drank a lot, but wasn't hammered, and ended up being with, by her account, "at least 4" of them, including a guy her recent ex-bf hated.

    Sure enough, word got around the bar that "Jess" was bit of a s***, and would take on many guys in the same night. She doesn't actually deny it, either.

  • Stinking w**** tramp . hope you learn the hard way and catch many diseases and viruses . you f****** virus of the earth.

  • Sounds like you had fun.

  • Hot! I Love Girls Like You!

  • When a woman has group s** with a bunch of guys and she is in control (which it sounds like you were) it can be very liberating. But you need to be careful if you do it again in the future. Not only are you at risk for STD's but the wrong group of guys it could get ugly and out of control. If you want to do it again I suggest you look up a swingers club in your area. They always welcome single young women and you could easily find plenty of guys to relive this experience but in a safer and more controlled environment.

  • How is being a worthless used hole liberating? Its not like she was in control. Women quite often like to think that they are, so that they can justify acting slutty. But that's why so many women get raped. Because they put themselves in situations where they think they are in charge. Im not saying they're "asking for it", its just that some men just don't have the control that they should.

  • I dream of a situation like that

  • Get tested. With any luck the only permanent consequence was a memory to keep you warm at night.

  • Can I be # 13?

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