I have a s** fantasy of being raped..

I want to get raped very badly... whenever I think about it, I get so wet... I want a guy to grab my hair and pull me against him and f*** the s*** out of me.. I want him to have my body trembling.. I want him to pop my cherry... I want him to dominate me, and bring me to o*****... I want him to eat me out and stick his d*** inside of me..I am getting so h**** just typing this...., I would love that.. but the problem is I don't know if I'm weird or anything... is this bad?

Dec 20, 2013

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  • Suck a horse

  • Then it wouldn't count as rape would it so if you like rape you can never be raped so bad luck for you i guess

  • Were u from I'd love to help u

  • Your not the only one I think its a fantasy all girls have an likening the fact of a man being controlling in the bedroom whether they wanna admit it or not gotta try new stuff the same old thing is boreing

  • I wanted it so bad ,I would of did to guys.

  • U r certainly not the only one

  • YUMMY! feel free to contact me and I would L O V E to RP about it- its way safer and you seem very yummy!

  • Umm, okay :-)

  • Lm a f*****..

  • Nah, you're normal. A lot of women feel this way. A lot of guys like the idea of 'taking' a woman as well. If you do try this I recommend using a safeword as a precaution. At the end of the day this is a fantasy, it's not worth anyone getting hurt over.

  • Thanks, a lot :-)

  • No I have a friend who likes the same thing and she has these powerful o****** and passes out from them. She makes me say some really dirty stuff too.

  • Not the only one !

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