My Strange Theatre S** Adventure!

So I went to watch a movie the other night, and I started getting annoyed because I was the last person in line. It was a late showing, and they had to start turning people away behind me. Then to make it worse it started raining, so I was caught in it for a minute or two and finally got to the ticket taker. I have to admit at least that was worth it, she was cute, kind of short, tattoos, I'm guessing she was a college student. She smiled at me,and told me to wait when I got inside. So I did what she said and she came from behind the booth and had me go with her to a projection room. We sat and talked for a little while and she pulled out a flask, it smelled like cheap scotch, but I decided to take a drink anyway. She told me I still looked cold and started nuzzling up to I GOTCHA MUTHERFUCKERS, YOU STUPID MUTHERFUCKERS, LOOKING TO J******* TO SOME CONFESSIONPOST S***! STOP CRYING MUTHERFUCKERS, YOU BABY MUTHERFUCKERS, TRYING TO J******* WITH YOUR ONE INCH D****! WELL YOU WANTED DEAR PENTHOUSE, ALL YOU GOT WAS JACK S***!

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  • Dude, some people like dirty stories.

  • Well, I can't j******* cause I'm a girl, BTW... and the reason I am here is to read other peoples story, and the way you have this set up, no one will get turned on by this. Like really?wtf?nuzzle? Wow! How exactly would u know that we came here to get h**** or whatever? Trust me, there are thousands of stories on here, so if someone did want to get h****, or whatever, or j*******, they could. Hahaha u make me laugh. You spend your time writing this damn post just to try to fool people.
    P.s try not to CAPS your whole trick sentence. That kinda caught my attention so I read that first and I'm like wtf? So I went back to read the rest... wow, u are something else billy, u are something else

  • Oh puhlease. Low life. Hahaha. You think people come here to do that. Well such a mind like yours probably already has a confession in here already. N btw a******, why are you on this website anyway. Haha you know what they say, if you constantly do something, you tend to think that everyone doing it too. Well tough luck dumbass. Go suck d*** n die. Hahaha. Oh n happy jerking off like you always do. Haha. Ticket box Loser. :-P

  • Ha! What a loser!! Takes one to know one you M***********. You're a total loser!!

  • You a******. Get a life.

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