I've been a w**** wife.

I'm a 41 year old mother, been married to my husband for 20 years, and have 2 lovely kids. My husband and I are both successful people. He's a computer programmer, and I'm an accountant. I love my husband more than life, and the same goes for my children. However, for the last several years, I've been terrible. My husband makes roughly $75,000/year, and I make about $100,000. He doesn't say anything about it, but it bothers him. Not because I'm a woman, but he has his Masters degree, several certifications, and even had a college internship at a very well known software development company. I just have my CPA and a bachelors degree. We were married during school, and I thought he'd be making more, not me. Like I said, it doesn't bother me, I actually feel bad. What my husband, and well.. anyone, have no idea about is HOW I got the promotion to make what I'm making now. Fact is; I've had s** with our CFO semi-regularly for the last 6 years. My husband has no idea, I have never been able to muster up the courage to tell him. I keep psyching myself out saying "my husband won't mind.." just because we experimented around in college and had a couple of threesomes with another guy. My husband and I have an almost nonexistent s** life. He never has time for it, and when we do have the time, something bad always seems to happen. (Getting a call from a boss, children trying to contact us, my mother-in-law at the door, etc.) The worst part about my affair is that I love the s**. His c*** is at least 10" (compared to my husband's 5.5-6"), he lasts at least 30 minutes every time (compared to my husband's 2-8 minutes), and he's much more sexually exciting than my husband (who only wants missionary). Tonight, I had s** with my CFO again. This is the last time. I can't ruin my family.

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  • Would it cost you your job or a demotion if you stopped f****** your CFO? That would be bad and a reason not to do it (though it would be proof that you are indeed a w****, even if you didn't intend to be). Yes, the s** is better with the CFO - and like the other responder said - never tell your hubby for the reasons he stated. If the s** is just s** and hubby can never find out, then I would continue. But if you want to improve your relationship with hubby, you will not be able to do so while still f****** the other guy.

  • Very correct.I wanna be a CFO and meet a woman like her!

  • Don't call yourself a w**** just for sleeping with one extra guy, jeeze. It's not like you're the town bicycle. In all honesty your behavior is pretty normal as far as marriages go.

  • I know you did not ask for my advice but I think you should not tell your hubby-it seems like his ego is bruised and if you do it,he will fall off the cliff, so to speak, and then your marriage will be over.It is amazing how this happens.Last year,a woman flew into my city for a seminar.She stayed for three days at a fancy hotel and just like you,her and husband met in college.She makes over 150K and I think she said husband makes more and they live well. But all we did for three nights is f***.The point is you cannot say this is the last time because since u have done it for 6 years,its likely not to be.You have a non-existent s** life at home anyway and this CFO guy seems to be your main sexual pleasurer and you like the way he f**** you.If you give him up,you are going to replace him with someone else, who might give you a disease,be lousy in bed, or wreck your marriage?I don't think you can turn your husband into a s** machine at this point and there is no reason to throw away the cow that gives you milk whenever you please! You are going to do what you feel like but I think you should accept your situation,enjoy what you have and keep on with life.Just don't get caught or turn up knocked up,lol.

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