Becoming a S******

Hey im 14.idk why my t*** r started swelling but i m a boy.I got small p****.I havnt told my parents yet.idk how to do it but som day they'll know.And I know Im gonna b busted.Is that normal to hav t*** for a guy?.If any s****** around here pls suggest me.Im really depressed.

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  • It's relatively normal for b****** to swell during hormonal changes. Even for guys. Most likely it will go away without any problems. You dhould still talk to your parents if you're worried. Don't be ashamed. It's just your body, nothing is wrong with you. And just fyi: "s******" is a mean word, never call anyone by that term, okay?

  • Go to your doctor. there is a medical condition also a similar condition caused by medcine reactions. Talk to him, might be something as simple as changing a medicine. Don't get too woried to you know all the facts.

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