real men ware panties too

i do i ware lacy panties better then the women

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  • I like Vanity Fair string bikini best!

  • Mule.

  • And where do you stand on "real men" being able to spell?

  • OMG! The Spelling Police are back! Let me tell you a landlady story, lol.

  • Only p****** and insecure twits are sticklers on spelling.

  • And only ignorant retards don't know how to spell.

  • That's nice, I never understood why people made such a big deal about guys wearing women clothes or women wearing guy clothes. Shoot as long as the person isn't bothering anyone (physically), what's the problem. Just do you and tell all of the haters what they can do with themselves.

  • Um, just what can can the haters do to themselves and does it feel good?

  • Thats up to the op to decide.

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