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Look into the UK's documentary on, or research on Muslim intermarriage on YouTube. It's a fiscal public health problem, by that I mean why should the government have to pay for med care aid for medical problems that arise from interbreeding human populations that should know better when it can be prevented so easily. Every inbred person is a genetic time bomb, oh & intermarriage (Amish & Muslim come to mind 1st) erodes at a healthy societal structure & creates an environment for extreme social reclusion, excessive nepotism, & basically forms a *gang* mentality that fosters an abusive atmosphere where children & teens who do not want to participate in incest will be discouraged to speak out.

For safeties sake I did not want this person linking my IP to this comment, but they need to know they are incorrect.



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  • Sometimes it isn't about procreation, its just s**.

  • I was never sexual attracted to my mom but the first time I saw her nude I couldn't stop thinking about her. One night she got really really drunk and passed out cold. I found mom half undressed and I was able to see most of mom's naked body. I slowly started to feel up her b**** and then I was able to finger her for about two hours. I sucked on her nipples and tasted her p****. I took some nude pictures of her and I have been masturbating to the pictures for many years now. I'm going to try and have s** with her the next time she gets that drunk.

  • Incest between consenting adults is ok its not wrong

  • It is legal in many European countries. I live in Holland, and my son lives with me like a husband. My brother and his daughter also live in Amsterdam and have two beautiful kids.

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