So in l*** with someone I can't have

There is a woman at work who I am attracted to. We stare at each other a lot. she's not afraid to make eye contact with me. I have stared at her so much she knows I find her hot. I know she thinks I'm good looking too. She told a mutual friend that she thinks I'm hot and would f*** the h*** out of me if given the chance. Its killing me knowing this. I am married however and can't be with her. Sometimes I feel like just throwing caution to the wind and being with her. Especially now that she's taken to touching me on the arm when we talk to each other.
I truly don't know what to do. I want her but I am married.


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  • She would f*** the h*** out of you if given the chance? GIVE HER THE CHANCE!!!

  • Tell your wife before you do anything. This way you save your ass and your marriage, hey hopefully shes down with an open relationship

  • You "don't know what to do" with this woman? You f*** her. And then later on, you f*** her again. And then after that, you just . . . keep . . . f****** her.

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