Valentines day Ideas

My relationship with my wife could use a little help. We have been married for thirtyfive years. Our day to day relationship is just fine, but our romanctic relationship needs a little boost. I'm not looking for kinky or sexy ideas. I just want to get her something or do something that will show her that she is still special to me. If you're a guy who has done something special in the past, or you are a woman who can share an idea of what would make you feel special, then thats what I need to hear. I look forward to your comments. Thanks

Jan 21, 2014

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  • To add spark in your life give her a call for no reason and ask her for a date. Tell her you want to take her out on a date and treat her just like it was your first date if that one was good for the both of you. Respark what you both once shared and believe me she will appreciate you far more.

  • If you're thinking about romance just on Valentine's Day, that right there is a problem. I have never sent my wife flowers on Valentine's Day, because why point out that I need February 14th to tell me to be romantic?

    I send her flowers all the time - just because.

    Here's what I'd suggest, next date that comes up that is either your wedding anniversary, the anniversary of when you met or the date went on your first date, do something creative. Last year for our anniversary I got my wife several small gifts, with each gift representing something about our wedding or honeymoon.

    Buy her some gift just because. My wife loves fashion, shoes and purses. (Stretch for a woman, right?) Buy her something she'd like and say "I thought this would look great on you." Do NOT make it sexy underwear.

    Are you media savvy? Do something different for a present like making a photo book of pictures of her over the years.

    Have the house to yourself one night this summer and make a nice dinner for her. If you have a backyard use some candles or light a fire and open a few bottles of wine.

    Best way to be romantic is to NOT make it only on February 14th.

  • In my opinion, would be best if u take ur wife to a trip,get a vacation..trip to asia or europe would be good, in that way, u will be able to spend more time together, getting to know again, always ask how is she when she goes home from work, make her dinner, act like ur in her position, do girls thing, let her rest and u do the house chores

  • You could trying take her to a dance, art, pottery class, etc and then after set it up so that you have somewhere to use those new skill at,(it might be fun for her doing those things with you) Make it into a date so that afterwards you take her somewhere nice to eat. Or take her to a flower garden, make it a picnic. you could get a t shirt made with a picture of and her in a heart. (no too sure about that idea, but she might like it)I would say roses and jewelry but I think that idea might be too played out. If she's an animal lover and isn't allergic get her a puppy, kitten, bunny, mice, etc, put a red ribbon on them. Or you could get your vows renewed (buy that might time to arrange.) Throw her a two person party, decorate the house in valentines decorations and get a cake or something, and cook for her, give her a gift that says i love you. well that's all i could think of hope it helped.

  • So sweet. You shouldn't pull out the romance card only on Valentine's Day. You should do little things all the time (as should she).It shouldn't take much to let your wife know you're thinking about her. Leave a little notes for her to find saying 'I love you". Or if you want to do a larger gesture, suggest going out to special dinner or you make dinner or offer to do the dishes. Or do something you know she loves to do. Is there anything she's has her eye on? If she likes to cook, you can do couples cooking classes. There's really a lot you can do together. I always appreciate when my boyfriend gives me flowers just because. Speaking of notes, for my birthday my boyfriend did a scavenger hunt thing which was quite fun. I told him he set the bar high, I'll have to post here asking for suggestions.

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