I Hate My F****** Boss(es)

I hate the b***** guts of one of my f****** a****** boss's right now. The F***! He speaks as though he has a mouth full of s***, and when I don't understand him, I have to ask him to please repeat. And I STILL can't understand that inarticulate arrogant piece of p****-whipped undercover-f*****, so, he yells at me in front of Everyone in the office for his inability to speak clearly so that I may follow his instructions. The F*****!!!! Wellll..I left immediately after the yelling fit as I was "sick" and I decided to take ANOTHER f****** day off. And guess what. I'm sick alright. I'M F****** SICK OF HIM AND THOSE OTHER F**** AND I'M F****** TIRED OF WORKING WITH THAT EMBECILE NURSE I WORK WITH AND IF ONLY I WERE UNCIVILIZED AND AN ANIMAL I WOULD SURELY PUNCH THAT PHONLY CONIVING SNAKY B**** IN THE F****** FACE!

Jan 22, 2014

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  • F*** him. He sucks! Is his name Meow by any chance?

  • I hate that p****. S**** him. Find a better job with a real boss.

  • You need a new job with a better boss.

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