S** toy addict

I have a fetish for women using large and small s** toys in front of me.
I'm a successful, single and mid 20's male. I try to ve a role model for anyone who knows me. But I'm addicted. Watching a girl mastervate with my chest of s** toys drives me nuts. I was in the army and s** came easy. To me... this is a tease. in a months time.. ill pay random women to perform in front of me. Usually about $100 a session. ill never have s** qith them. Usually rub baby oil on myself and m********* as she plays. squirt some on her for lube or even massage some into her if she likes. I don't want to stop but I'm afraid someone will find my dirty habit or ill never find a girl to accept me for what i enjoy.

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  • Does it really?! I can never find a girl into my turn ons.

  • This kinda turned me on... And I'm a girl ;)

  • There could be worse things to be into . I say go for It and enjoy yourself

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