Wish i could kiss my cousin...

I have had feelings for my cousin for a few years, we are both 23, we were close for a while, talked almost all day everyday for 2 years, met 2 times but only remember one of the times... We walked alone talked, she even told me about her and her bf's love life.. and very very little bit of her s** life, then out of no she replied to me less and less, maybe it was horriblr timing but I told her how i felt... I liked her, that's basiclly all I said, her reply and last reply to me was "I admit its weird", that was about a year and a half ago... To me she looks amazing and her personality is awesome, so of course I would like to kiss her, hold her (we did hug once but just for good bye), well anyways... That's that, probably because she has a bf but... No doubt me liking her is making her stop talking to me... Shows u... U never know who a true friend is no matter how close u seem to be, also... I dont care what you all think, you can find love anywhere ... Relative or not

Feb 10, 2014

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  • Ive been lucky to be sleeping with my cousin. I made a move on her one night while we were getting high together. Try,

  • Im almost the same way with my cousin, but only problem is she refuses to kiss she'll let me do a number of things with her but we haven't had s** im not gonna take her innocence but im happy the way things are, dont let people tell you that having that kind of relationship can cause babies to have deformaties because its not true and as for your situation its like a double edged sword shes probably feeling like shes cheated on him with you so expect some anger on her part but if she keeps it a secret then theres nothing to worry about as long as it stays between you n her things should be fine and for the haters theres nothing wrong with dating a cousin. light

  • I was with my female cousin for 10 years.
    About 3 years going out and being together and after lived together for 8 years which sadly ended then.
    But the memories live on and it was more than kissing.
    So if you love your cousin there is no problem with that.

  • OK and when you have deformed babies don't come crying back to everyone saying it's normal.

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