F****** the student teacher

I am in 8th grade and in Spanish I had a student teacher the first day she was here me and her had s** after school in the bathroom we continued to do that for days and are still doing it

Feb 12, 2014

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  • Teachers and students who f*** will aways get caught because the boy can never keep his mouth shut .
    I think they are more excited to tell there friends then having s** because
    in the news they always tell someone and that is how they get caught .

    Another note I like to say is why are underage kids who have s** with an adult not charged ??
    It takes to to tangle , I think laws need to be changed and hold kids
    responsible for there actions . If a 14 year old girl kills a student she god to jail as an adult .

  • A******

  • ^ totally TOTALLY correct ^

  • GAWD! You douchebags are soooo gullible. I fooled your dumb a****, lol. Be on the lookout for my next one where I bang a nun, lol. Suckers!!! ROFLMAO!

  • Wow. Look at all the dickheads you fooled.

  • she obviously fell in love with you the minute she saw you.

  • Well when she gets found out she's gonna be in jail for a long time and then you aren't going to be having all of the fun and you're having now.

  • OMG! Is this for real? Please tell us how you managed to get with her or did she come on to you instead? How often do you get to do her? Is she freaky? Does she like weird s** or does she just like younger men like you? Do you f*** at school? DURING school? Do you go home with her and stay over at her place? Does she make you use protection or does she maybe want your baby? GOD this is so hot and I'm so glad you shared it with us! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

  • damn! i wish i was that lucky!

  • Is she married?

  • TOTALLY hot and SUPER sexy!

  • Lucky you

  • He is VERY lucky, indeed. It's sounds like an incredibly hot relationship.

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