I hate getting older It sucks

I'm 51 years old and have all but given up on having s** anymore other than jerking to p*** on the internet. I've been married for 32 years and have not had s** with my wife or anyone for that matter in the last 6 years. She has really gotten old looking, wrinkled, drinks and smokes constantly. Her tiny b**** look like fried eggs on a plate and we have nothing in common anymore.Many people have thought she is 15-20 years older than me. She is 49 but looks 70. She really doesn't turn me on anymore at all. She an I are basically just room mates to save money on separate living arrangements. She has her bedroom and I mine.

What I would give to have one really good night of s** with a young person again. When you get older your brain doesn't change the way you think about s**, It's just your appearance and health that suffer. High blood pressure and colestoral. I look in the mirror and can't believe that's me any more. I'm not the ugliest man on the planet by any means. I' 6' 200lbs, and a little out of shape with a receding hair line but am not hideous by any means. I try to think and stay young. I like young music, I have tattoos, and piercings. Sort of biker looking but I gave up my bike a few years back. You still think about the feel, smell of a young girls body next to you. if anything you think of more deviant things, such as role playing fantasies, cuckolding,transgender,even rape fantasies as you get older, anything to get off. You find yourself needing more visual stimulation and more perverse thoughts than you did when you were young. Especially if you are lonely. I still have the urges to have s** all the time, but with younger women or transgender girls, but I'm not into men or boys. 18-30 year olds, not jail bait that is. I should be able to get someone to love me or at least spend some quality time with me, but I get nervous and tongue tied and ruin it around younger women. Because of my age and looks My lack of confidence turns them off cold. Just one absolutely unbridled night of debauchery is what I need.

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  • What's wrong with jailbait??

  • I dont want to go to jail for it. It's not worth it.

  • Maybe you should be more realistic and go for women 40ish to even 50ish. Many still look fine.

  • I agree many of them do look fine, but the ones I find or are looking don't look so fine or are already taken.

  • Dude I feel bad for you but I kind of understand. I’m a little over 50 so I know how the getting older thing can really suck. But unlike you I’m still very much attracted to my wife of 30 years. I guess the difference is that my wife looks younger than she actually is; most people say at least 10 years younger. She is also exactly the kind of woman I’m attracted to physically so it makes it easy to keep the fire burning. What you need is to get back on your bike and go cruising for some slutty biker chicks. A nice big fat one with huge t****** who is about 15 years your junior will fix you right up.

  • You are a lucky man to have the one that will turn you on in your golden years. Sorry i don't like heavy women or big ol t******. I like skinny girls with mosquito bites. hahahaha I never understood why guys went so bonkers over big b****. A, or B cups are fine with me. Give me a girl with a body like Milla Jovovich, beautiful small apple butt, long limber legs to wrap around me Yea......

  • My marriage is the same way. I went out and made new friends, many younger women in their 20s who like being around older men since we don't play games like guys their age. I'm not having more and better s** with my friends than I ever did when I was their age.

    I suggest you do the same.

  • Go get a h*****. Find a good one and you will have the time of your life.

  • Escorts do seem to be my only resort, besides putting a gun in my mouth. I'm just so damned lonely

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