I would f*** the s*** out if my teacher

I want to f*** her so hard she washes her clothes at school and I broke in using my parents lock pick set just to steal her panties

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  • Well then-

  • I'm a teacher, male, and I would f*** any one of my female students if I thought I could get away with it.

  • I teach at a primary Catholic school, students aged 12 to 15. I get to see the girls turn into women; sometimes it seems it happens overnight. I'm the only male teacher there, and it's not uncommon for the girls to have feelings for me. Of course, they are all way too young to even think about it. I've been teaching for six years now, and some of my first students are now I'm college. Twice I've run into former students in public (small town) and both times they asked for my number. Both times they called. Both times it ended VERY well for me. Young women are easily impressed by a guy with a real job, house, and nice car.

  • I've had a few female students over the years that I fantasized about having a relationship with, and I even came very, very, very close with one of them and came close to doing her, but I always refrained because of the risks. The closest I ever came was having a two-year affair with a former student that started soon after she graduated. I wanted her to get pregnant and I wanted to leave my wife for her, but she said she was too young to tie herself down, so after two wonderful years, we split. I miss her every day.

  • same here. there have been several girls in my classes that i wanted to bang like animals and they all gave me unbelievable erections. i think i could have f***** some of them but i could never manage to get over the fear of being discovered so nothing ever happened between me and any of them. there is one in my home room class this year that i fantasize about like crazy and i think she would be open to it because she is obviously already f****** a lot and she flirts with me, but it is so risky. the girl this year gives off the vibes of being a serious freak and i love her.

  • I wonder, how many teachers are currently in Prison for f****** their students?

  • It's not fair, really, to put a guy in prison for being attracted to a girl who has gone through puberty. Biologically, they are both sexual beings. In fact, it's very common in most other countries, and throughout history, for a man in his 20s or older to marry a girl aged 14 or older. Passing a law saying you can't date someone until they are 18 is like passing laws against smoking weed. It only leads to perfectly good people going to jail for stupid reasons.

  • Say what? You want to f*** the s*** out of her and all you got were her panties? You ain't no player.

  • You shouda got the bra too.

  • Did they smell good?

  • Yes they did! They smelled a little like violets. Hmmm.

  • Did u manage to get the panties?

  • H*** yeah. Nice black ones. They still give me a major b****.

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