Because he's a j***...

So, last night my bf of five years and I went to the casino. I only budgeted to spend $20 and it (of course) went quick. My bf had money to play and let me play on machines with him; however, nearly every single time I touched the button or pulled the lever, we would win a good chunk. Did he offer me any of it? No. He would get up and run off to another machine and I would follow. And this is despite his "everything we win, we split" rule that he has when he's playing with money that I give him. Finally, after we accrue over $900-- thanks to me-- he hands me $40, shoves the rest of the wad in his pocket and struts off to play ultimate poker. I went the opposite direction, shoved the $40 in a QuickHits machine, smacked the button 3 times and hit for $3517. I didn't tell stingy b****** I won.

Feb 24, 2014

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  • My BF and I spent three days in Reno and we started off each with $350 well he lost his playing craps and didn't even know the game well he got me to his table and I won nearly $6400 in a matter of a hour and a half and that night he asked if he could have half being he gave me the $350 to start with so I handed him the $350 back and told him here's your investment and he got rally mad at me. We split and I got my own room and by the time I left Reno I had won almost $22,000. Found out after I got back to Olympia he had lost the $350 I gave him in a matter of half a hour and had to hitch hike back to Oly with no money and a broken heart, Oh he also contacted bed bugs and a dose of the clap, Mmmm wonder what he did while I was having fun.

  • Please please please tell him you won,explain how he refused to share his 900 and tell him u won 3517 and you are not sharing.Just rub it on him good and make sure you tell him after he has f***** you or licked your p**** good. I dislike selfish people and I have met many in my lifetime. Keep winning and don't share if u don't have to.

  • The fact that he did not uphold his end of the deal and went back back on his word of "everything we win, we split rule" speaks volumes. It's one thing, if that "rule" wasn't in place. Something to consider, what will happen when/if you get married. Because he sounds quite selfish..Congrats on your win!

  • you need a new bf......i'm just sayin'

  • Love it! You go, girl!

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