I never thought a used f**** pad could be so yummy

I was in my neighbours abandoned house taking what they left behind we had to break in but i found keys inside so now i can enter as i please in a calm manner, ive wore their daughters clothes, masturbated naked in her bed and came sniffing her dirty used f**** pad and took 2 school photos of her that were left in her room from the house because they are so cute! their hot. im lying on my bed right now with one of her used f**** pads, sniffing it, its soiled and smells, so y do i love it and get a nice feeling in my head when i sniff it in? i mean it smells like p***, is it just coz i think shes hot, must be, i found her fannypad during a thorough search of her room. i wrote in her room wall 'zara luving dog c***' etc, and on her mirror 'sexy dog c**' so ppl that repossess the home see it n think she had s** with dogs, im so weird lmao

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  • I am meow and i love meowing, theres nothing anyone here can do about it and if they could, they would have done it already. Suck it up and enjoying the meow spam -Meow.

  • Welcome to Meow's Confession Post. Feel free to post your confession and have it spammed to death, courtesy of admin Meow.

  • You should try one of those tampoons the womens wear. Those yummy too.

  • Yes they are! I love to stick them up my bum. So good!

  • I do that s*** too!

  • You sound kinda cute. Do you have a girlfriend?

  • I love f**** pads! Can't live without them.

  • OMG. F**** pads are the best!

  • You may be weird, but at least you're happy. Rock on Dude.

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