Convention S***

I am 37 and have been married for 12 years. Last year I went to a work related work convention where I was presenting a talk with four other guys from my department.

After the presentation, I went with the guys to the bar to wind down, then they talked me into going back to the suite they had. Too much drink, and it ended up naked between two of them on the sofa. Before I really knew what I was doing, I was on my hands and knees with a guy in front and one behind, with the other two feeling me up.

I ended up f****** all of them, in every possible combination.

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  • My wife has a reputation at her company for stuff like this. It's gotten her promotions and deals that others would never be able to get. She's even had s** with clients to "seal the deal". Since we're in an open relationship I'm fine with it.

  • I worked for a company that sent us to conventions. There was a group of us from different companies that always hung out together. One guy told me, "Watch out for Pat, she is a d*** hound". Pat was in her early 60's, gray hair, glasses, and not extremely attractive. She was very quiet.....until she got drunk. She shows up in the hotel bar with a log cut top and her big saggy t*** pushed up. She came over and flirted with me and I said, "You ready?" She said, "for what" and I said "come to my room and find out".

    OMG! She f***** my b**** off. She was an animal. I f***** her a few more times at other events before going to work for another company. Still one of the top 2 or 3 women I've ever been with.

  • Sounds hot, but imo not too smart to do with guys in your department. You do realize that you now have a reputation for being a s*** in the whole department. Have guys been flirting with you at work since? They all want a turn now. And you may be able to put them off while at home, but when you go to the next convention, there will be a lot of competition among the guys for who will get to go f*** the convention s*** next.

    The question is - are you looking forward to the next time? Or are you putting out at lunch time now?

  • I been drunk to the point that I passed out in foot tall grass and left an impression like a dead body. Been so drunk that I don't remember how I got from my kitchen to my bedroom. Been so drunk that I tried to hook up with the ugly, fat sister of a friend. Been so drunk that I was mistaken for a homeless guy in the ATM vestibule.

    But, I've never been so drunk that I thought "wow, I'd love to be double stuffed by two guys!!"

    So, either you're gay and just won't admit it or you're gay and getting your kicks out of writing gay fantasy stories. No other choices exist.

  • Hey drunk guy! This was a female who wrote the story... for u to jump to conclusions that it was a guy getting it.... yeah... ur gay! other "choices" do exist.

  • The OP wrote "presenting with four other guys". A woman wouldn't write "other guts".

  • A want a be buttnugget

  • Bullshit

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