S******* a former student

I am s******* a former student of mine. She is 19 and I am 43. I have a girlfriend and we are waiting for marriage to have s**. I am going through a divorce as well. This is just a trying time in my life. I know it is wrong to do this but I just love that 19 year old body. She is not the most attractive but I have made her have o***** and taught her how to suck my c***. I really have a problem with being a faithful man. I'm studying to be a minister and feel like a hypocrite. I was never faithful to my ex-wife but she never found out and that is not why we divorced. I feel so bad but I just can't stop s******* women. I absolutely love having s** with different types of women. I have had this fantasy since I was a really young boy.


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  • I have the same problem: p**** addiction. I've cheated on every woman I've ever been with. I've even cheated on the ones I was cheating with. Relax. Enjoy the s**. Keep f****** the student. She knows you. Don't let her get away.

  • same here. when i was married to my first wife i cheated on her with the woman who would eventually be my second wife. then when i was married to wife 2 i went back and started an affair with wife 1. in addition to having other affairs at the same time. cant help it. its just who i am.

  • BOLLOCKS B******.

  • Perv

  • There's a girl right now at the high school where I teach that I would give ANYTHING to f***. She may not be a homecoming queen but there is something about the way she moves that just makes it look like she knows how to f*** like a g****** animal. The male teachers know we can't touch but they can't keep us from getting hardons and there is no telling how many erections this girl has caused. I fantasize about her constantly, and especially when I'm f****** my wife: I always have my eyes closed, imagining it's this girl Britta. Somehow, I just KNOW she's a total freak.

  • i have one like that at my school too. you can look at her tell shes an amazing f***. god i want that little b**** but i damn sure dont want to go to prison.

  • There's a sophomore girl where I work as an administrator who I know for a fact is f****** like a rabbit. I can identify at least two dozen guys at the school who she's f*****, all repeatedly. I had a female counselor talk to her about her sexuality, and the way she tends to display it at school, and the girl laughed when the counselor referred to her "dating" these guys. "I don't date", she told the woman, "I f***". A sophomore. And she's a predator. The two dozen guys at school aren't alone in having sampled her wares. She goes with older guys, too, or so the counselor told me. When I heard that, I started wanting her myself. Of course, I never told anybody about that, but now when I see the girl walking down the hall, I imagine myself lifting her from the floor, pinning her against the lockers, tearing her panties away, driving my c*** into her hot little c***, and f****** her in front of the school. That's how hot this girl is and how hot she makes me. That scene will NEVER ever happen, for obvious reasons, but the urge still strikes me powerfully whenever I see her or even think about her. She's obviously nasty by nature, and I want her so bad I ache for it.

  • pedos. and they should never be let near a school.

  • INDICATIONS Weak ass spam posts by p**** spammer. Go big or go home, Wuss.

  • If you're giving her o******, she's not going to leave. I mean, she may go out and date other guys, but she is ALWAYS going to come back and c**. You bagged a trophy.......

  • GAWD. You are so dumb. You probably believe in the Easter Bunny too. Bahahahahah.

  • Here's what I actually believe: (1) you are an unbelievably s***-crusted a******; and (2) you will never be anything more -- or better -- than that. I also believe that all of your family and friends know that about you, and so they have nothing to do with you. ba...ha...ha...ha.

  • To be getting all that good p****, expecially the young stuff, your the luckiest man alive.

  • INDICATIONS Confession is fake. The brain-dead dickheads don't care. Reading this fake s*** and commenting on it makes them feel they have some value in their dumbed down lives. Pathetic!

  • Totally hot. Totally sexy.

  • Bogus confession, but good food for the gullible to gorge themselves on. Gawd! Some of you people are soooo damn dumb. Did you go to Ignoramus High? If Catholic, Our Lady of the Dumbasses? If by a miracle you went to college did you go to The University of Stupid?

  • I am 48 and am the same way.Been married and divorced 3 times. I just adore women and like variety in p******.You won't believe me but I have slept with hundreds of women. Most of the women I have slept with are much younger than I or married.Its good to use a d*** when the going is good because someday,it may not even work and the women deserve pleasure.Glad you teaching the 19 year old the right things now so her future man will be pleasured right.

  • jealous

  • God, I'm so f****** jealous of you, especially with your student. There was a girl in the grade ten homeroom class I taught last year that I would give anything to f***. ANYTHING. And I don't mean just once, but long term. Like the girl you described, not a great beauty, and not a perfect body, but everything she did made my c*** hard and stay hard. I tried to change my course schedule this year so I could get her in my class again but the request got denied. I still see her around campus (I go looking for her every day), and I still fantasize about her like crazy every day. I sort of think she knows how I feel but she's never done anything to encourage me. But reading your post makes me think it's still possible. So help me, if she said the word, I would dump my wife and kids and belong to her. There's nothing I wouldn't do just to be with this girl. Permanently.

  • i have a girl just like this in my 5th pd. government systems class that drives me f***** insane. i have always stood in front of the class when i taught in the past but now in that class i have to sit so nobody can see the massive hardon this girl gives me. damn!

  • Many years ago, I had a similar situation with a junior in a high school chem class I taught. I wanted her ass in the worst way imaginable, and she knew it. She flirted. I flirted. We kissed for a half hour at a football game one night, and then made out and dry-humped in my office after school one afternoon. I was about to take things to the next level a week later when I learned she had started the same thing with another one of her male teachers and they had already "consummated" so I backed off. By the end of the school year, she was pregnant (intentionally), she had ruined his career, she had ended his marriage and she had blown up his life. I learned my lesson and never again allowed myself to even get close to that school p****, no matter how good it is. Women in general are a crazy lot, but teenage girls are whole different kind of crazy. The OP here probably thinks this is all fun and games now, but let him disappoint this b**** in any significant way and he'll see the bunny boiler come out in her.

  • I think what you're doing is great. I wish I was getting that much p****, and all of it good.

  • ...jesus........typical male..............

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