I love to hurt my boyfriend's b****

I'm 19 and boy friend is 23. we've been together for 2 yrs. My boy friend is a true hunk and a real sweet guy.About a month after we started dating we had our first sexual experience.He's 5'11" and very muscular because he works out a lot.I think his body is awesome. The first time I saw him naked was at his apartment. It was a hot day and I asked him if I could use his shower to freshen up.He said yeah and I asked him to join me. Without answering, he just started undressing while I was still sitting on the bed. He removed all of his clothes, walked over and stood in front of me and stepped out of his boxers.I was startled whem I saw what he had hanging between his legs. He has a big fat p**** and very big b**** that hang nice and low.His sac is awesome. My ex-boy friend had a medium size p**** and decent size b**** but his b**** didn't hang much.So when I saw my boy friends d*** and b****, I said WOW! to myself. At first the s** was wonderful but he likes to have s** every day and somtimes 2 or 3 times in a day.I'm not as hot natured as him but I like to keep him satisfied because he does anything for me. I told my best friend that I wanted to cut down on the s** but I didn't deny him anything because I really love him. My friend said the next ttime he asks for s** say yeah but only if you let me hit you in your b**** first.That might slow him down. I thought about it and decided to try it. The next time he asked for s** I said o.k. but I want to hit you in your b**** first. He looked at me strange and thought for a couple of minutes. Then he said, I didn't know you was kinky but alright, just one hit. Then he stood right in front of me naked with his b**** hanging and he looked like he was so proud of his body. Then he widened his stance and put his hands behind his back and said go ahead. I hit him right in his b**** but not very hard.I was afraid he might get mad. He kinda smirked and said that's not kinky, if you're going to hit me, hit me. I said, again? He said yeah, one more. So I hit him square in his b**** again but somewhat harder. He said,OW! that's better girl. I actually liked doing it and the s** after was intense. It became a ritual and I would punch him in his b**** before s** everytime. It got to the point where he would just get up and stand next to the bed with his legs spread apart and his hands behind his back. I started hitting his b**** harder and harder each time and it seemed to make him have wilder s**. One time he surprised me when he stood there with only one hand behind his back. He was holding p**** up against his stomach with the other hand so just his b**** was hanging there. I took it as him telling me to get serious so I punched his b**** so hard that they flew all the way back to his ass and he crouched down next to the bed. I heard him say in a low voice, Oh Gawd, right in my f****** nuts,gawd! I don't know why, but I got so hot and I wanted to do it again and again. Recently we wwere laying in bed and he asked me if I still really enjoy hitting him in his b****. I said yes, it really turns me on. He said, I think I know what you mean cause I'm kinda kinky too but do you want to change up a bit? I said yeah. So the next time he stood in front of me naked, instead of punching his b**** I grabbed his right ball, pulled it toward me and squeezed it real hard. He was right,I am kinky. At first he he grabbed my arm and bent forward so I squeezed his ball harder and he let go of my arm and put his hands back behind his back and just kept grunting. Squeezing my boy friends b**** is the most exciting sexual experience Ive ever had. I love it. Just knowing that I have all of his strength and masculinity right in my hand and just like I can make it feel good, I can hurt it. When I'm squeezing and hurting his b**** all of his strength and power is being transferred to me and the more pain I put in his b**** the more power they they give me. I like to make him feel good but for some reason I love hurting his b****. I would never hurt him in any other way but it's just something about those b****. Now I squeeze his b**** all the time and he doesn't try to stop me. Sometimes when we're laying in bed I reach over and grab a ball and just squeeze it harder and harder. He grunts and holds my arm. The funny thing is whenever I grab his b**** he spreads his legs wide open. When he can't stand anymore pain he says, Oh f***! you're gonna pop it. Then I stop and I kiss him. When he's standing at the sink or just about anywhere, I come behind him and i put my arms around his waist and while I kiss him on the neck I slide my hand in his pants. He knows what I'm about to do and he stands there and just widens his legs automatically. It always easy for me to get either one of his b**** because his sac hangs good and low and his b**** lay right at the bottom of the sac. When he wants me to stop he still says, you're gonna pop it,you're gonna pop it! but he's never told me to stop. I love him!

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