So sick and tired

F*** my f****** job. F*** you in particular, Shante. F*** this stupid bullshit. I am so g****** tired of being taken advantage of and manipulated by these a*******. I am a shy and sensitive person by nature, with abuse in my past, and I never know how to react to your two-faced s*** and of course you all take advantage of it and I'm sick to death of it. F*** all of you people.I am so SICK of feeling like crap and dreading having to go to work, AGAIN, every job I've ever had has ended up like this eventually, hating everyone and spending my whole day dreading the hour of leaving for work. I've been here a year and it's way beyond long enough. I hope I get a chance to quit with no notice and leave you all hanging so you can see just how much "nothing" my "lazy" ass actually does all night while you are busy looking at facebook on your f****** phone!!!

Mar 19, 2014

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  • BOLLOCKS B******.


  • Given the apparent frequency with which this problem happens for you at work, has it ever occurred to you that the problem isn't work, but that it's YOU?

  • Hmm. So it's okay that there are manipulative people everywhere, but you feel the need to bully OP? Okay. Hope you're on the wrong end of the next workplace shooting, as you deserve :)

  • Damn,savage LOL

  • It has indeed occurred to me. I've spent countless hours trying to figure out what I do wrong. The only thing I can figure is that my personality just draws manipulative people to me. For which I partly blame my parents. They turnedme into avra ready made abuse toy.

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