I want to f*** Cherry

I am a family man with two children. As we are Burmese, adultery is not accepted . But I became tired of my wife who is attracted to my brother in law , husband of my sister. My house is silent and my SIL frequently visited with his father. I controlled myself not to attracted to her . Her boyfriend is a sailor and not able to come to her up to 2016. She made phone call to him but I think what she needs is a manly touch. I frequently saw her bathing or wearing bra in my house. I previously thought her like my own sister but now my body want her. I cannot resist the desire and for a while I satisfied myself by kissing and rubbing her underwear against my p**** and spraying my s**** over them. I think her biological instinct know it and she showed me some hints to be touched to her. She welcomed me when I came back home, waited for me to serve late dinner and sometimes we touched each other while taking something. How can I proceed ? Give me your suggestions. I want to kiss, embrass and lick her v***** and p*** my sperm into her womb. I am half sure she want to f*** me. But her father and sister will not be happy if we love and f*** while they are alive. My children love their aunt so much and she also regard her as their mother. Let me try to get a chance of adultery between my wife , Su and Zaw, my BIL? I cannot wait until her father dies. I want to live with her......Oh my love Che....

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