Things I'd rather do with a girl than have s**.

I'm a 15 year old guy, I am tall (6'3) I have abs. I play 3 instruments, I am a model, and I'd rather have a girl like me for my personality. I Am a virgin, and have never been kissed. I am not gay, and yes I want s**, but it's not my TOP priority. I feel society is generally shallow, and I hate girls that think that the only means of displaying affection is physical.

I'd rather have a 3 hour long HONEST, any question goes, open book conversation with a girl. Than have s**. I'd rather cuddle with a girl a watch a movie than have s**. I'd rather be able to hug and comfort a girl that is crying, without it being awkward ever, than have s**. I'd rather have a girl fall asleep leaning on me, than have s**. I'd rather play with a girls hair for 30 mins, than have s**. I'd rather have a girl use my lap as a pillow during a long car drive, than have s**.

Think I'm weird if you want

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  • Sometimes I wish I was a guy like you. I can't stop thinking about s**; it runs my life.

  • That sounds so perfect I hate guys who just try to get in your pants and I have met so many but never a guy like you. I am a virgin at 15 and just want a guy who will respect that I want to wait longer before s**. Do you have kik or snapchat?

  • S** is SO overrated. Saying this as someone who quite enjoys it. It's not the most important thing in life by a million miles. It's like a really tasty food... I love it but if I had to go long without it, I'd be fine, and it would be all the better once I did get it again. Not the center of the universe.

  • That is really sweet, s** is amazing thats why people are obsessed with it... im a nypho but id gladly take sleeping on a guys lap than s**, or hour long open honest anything goes conversations, if i wasnt 21 and married.... you sir are a catch. Dont date those shallow women

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