My Wife is Addicted to S** with Other men

My wife and I came across this site by chance and have been reading all the s** confessions and enjoyed them much. My wife has now asked me to make a confession for the both of us. We are now in our sixties and my wife has been enjoying s** with other men since before we were married. Since she reached her fifties she has been indulging in s** with much younger men, and as she gets older she craves for them to be much younger.
She was only about ten years of age when she was groped by a man who owned a shop on the road where she lived. She said at first she was really frightened, but then she began to enjoy the feel of his fingers and really enjoyed it. She went back often and enjoyed his attention.
This developed further in school as she sat beside a boy in the class. She took his hand and put it on her p**** and he fingered her through her panties. After a period of time she then commenced letting boys at school take down her panties and she would lie and let them look at her p**** and feel and grope it.
When in her early teens she progressed to being f***** by boys her age.
I met her when we were 17 years old and after about 6 months of seeing each other, we went to her sisters house to baby sit. That evening she stripped off for me and lay on the sofa and and exposed her p**** and we ended up f****** for the first time.
Shortly after that she confessed that she had been f***** by other young men on the back seat of cars.
Over time our conversation got very serious as we began talking about getting married. She said she could not be faithful as she was still getting f***** by two other guys she was seeing behind my back. Omg, I was turned on big time by this and was so rampant that we f***** and she talked during it about how much she wanted other men's c****. It was the best f*** we had had.
She kept seeing other guys, but kept it very discreet.
Eventually we married and I told her that she could bring her f*** partners home and take them up to our bed. She was delighted with this and on two nights each week she would bring a guy home and they would f*** upstairs as I listened downstairs. She is very vocal in s** and I would hear her curse and blaspheme as she had her o******. I would sit alone and m********* with the thrills it was giving me.
later I would push my c*** into her p**** which was filled with the other guys c**. After I shot my load into her she would have me suck the mixture out of her p****. Sometimes she demanded that I kiss her and pass the mixture of c** from mouth to mouth. This was a major turn on and resulted in mor f******.
This was our life style together. It was open and free. She could do what she wanted with whoever she wanted, because she craved it and had to get her cravings satisfied.
Eventually it led to d******. As we were in England we went to the place known as Cannock Chase, where she had some memorable f**** with complete strangers of differing ages. I was always present to ensure she was safe.
So it went on and on. But f****** her after a number of men had shot their load of c** into her p**** was sheer bliss. She loved it and so did I.
For about the past 7 years she has had this crave for younger men. Men in their late teens and early twenties. Not so easy to get, but she has had quite a few up to our house and had some great f**** in our bed.
Some of you may think I am a crazy person for allowing this. But we both love it and my wife cannot live without it. She is still a happy little bunny and we know what bunnies like doing. She can keep going as long as she wishes. She just adores all things sexual.
She has told me she will personally answer any questions or comments if requested.
She feels relieved that she can confess on this site.

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  • Wow you sound great, I'd love to f*** her but I'm probasbly to old (55) I'd also eat her out after you f***** her?

  • Amazing! Any kids together or from other men?Did she allow u to f*** other women? Does she care what race a man is?

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