Random S**

I just want to have s** with random girls I see in the city. I want to grab them and take them somewhere secluded and just be all over them. Sucking, kissing, grabbing f******. I've never tried it, because I think it would only work on about 10% of them. The other 90% would probably call the cops

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  • Where u live I will let u do that do me and whatever dirty things u want take my p**** plz

  • As long as it's consenting, try it, your basically describing a one night stand.

  • What he's describing is serial rape.

  • You're a little off with your math. Ten percent would call the cops, and the other ninety percent would blow your f****** brains out.

  • I would like to see you try to have forced s** with this random girl. I would kick you so hard in b**** you would be p****** out of your mouth and s******* out of your ears. And, by the way, F*** You!

  • Your best quality is that you are a mildew gulping loud crackhead who has the same googly eyes as the demented worm and the rabid hampster eater.

  • Stupid f***.

  • Serial killer.

  • Rapist.

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