S******* my young lover whilst hubby was in hospital.

I'm married to great guy who i love dearly and we continue to plan our future together, he works in a dangerous industry, the money is great but the risks are high and he did get injured and spent 3 months in hospital.
i was becoming a little bit ''dowdy'' i guess and was missing s** terribly, there is only so much a girl can do with a d**** and if you like s** on the threshold of pain as i do it gets very old very quick.
i had a work function coming up and was looking forward to getting out of the house for the evening, after the presentations and talks where done a few of us went next door to the club to dance and have a few drinks, it was a crowded situation and i was chatting at close quarters with a young guy [26 i'm 36] from our branch in the next town when he ever so gently ran his fingers across my bottom!
i looked around and satisfied this gesture went unobserved just continued on with the conversation, i guess he took my non reaction as a green light and became a little more daring and over the next half hour or so i allowed him to discretly feel me up!
The s** that nite was intense, he did not make love to me, he f***** me and i had not been f***** like that in a very long time, i was a sore and sorry sight the next morning, of course i had my usual afternoon visit to the hospital the next day, my body was showing the tell tale signs of a long and torrid evening with a fit, hung guy 10 years my junior, my t*** where bruised and bitten, my l**** was swollen and my jaw was sore, rough s** and oral will do that to a girl.
my husband has no idea and the doctors tell me he is at least 3 weeks away from coming home, thats 3 more weeks of hot, hard s** with my young, hung lover.

Apr 8, 2014

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  • I'm glad that you were able to get the big c*** that you need from a stud with stamina to f*** you for a long time.

  • How about an update?

  • He is gonna be doing that to you next time you go to the hospital and is gonna get her pregnant, just like u gonna end up pregnant lol

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