H**** as h*** for my children's babysitter

I recently went over to my daughter's friends house so that they could both play together. When I went back to pick my daughter up I noticed her older sister sitting on the couch texting. I found her extremely sexy. The mother who is recently seperated like me seemed overly interested in me but I wasn't attracted to her at all. Seeing an opportunity at hand I asked her if her daughter did any babysitting. She responded that she did. Even though I already had a babysitter I wanted an opportunity to get this girl into my house. Rightly sensing that her mother had the hots for me and would agree to have our children interact with each other even more, she agreed and asked her daughter if she wanted to babysit for me. After thinking for a bit she agreed and the fantasizing began.
It was about a week before I asked her to come over for the first time. Because she was only 18 I didn't know if I could fully trust her to be completely alone with my young daughters, 6 and 8.
I also desperatly wanted to be around her while she looked after my kids. So I stayed and did things around the house.
While she sat and played with my kids I made supper and watched her sonder around my house with her tight jeans that hugged her ass and her loose blouse with a tight fitting sports bra underneath. I would glance over occasionally at her beautiful full b****** and imagine cupping them in my hands. She wasn't very talketive but seemed comfortable enough and was very motherly with my girls. Every once in a while my girls would get rowdy and I would have to go over near her to calm them down. As I would pass by her I would constantly have the urge to push my c*** against her ass or brush her b****** with my arm.
But of course I didn't. We just smiled at each other and continued on with what we were doing.
She didn't seem timid or afraid of me at all which was a relief. I have since asked her over many more times, often when I didn't even need her there.
The other night she was at my house until late at night when I finally got back home from work. I was excited seeing her there that late and with both my kids asleep all I wanted to do is take her into my room and f*** her brains out. We spoke for a while as she slowly got ready to go. I didn't want her to leave at all but I had no idea what to say without sounding sleezy and losing her as a babysitter. She also never eats while she's at my house or drinks anything when I ask her, so I can't even offer her a beer or to sit and have a bite to eat with me. We text back and forth often and it borders on flirting. She constantly asks me if I need her for anything to call her. I'm not sure what the next step should be in my quest to be deep inside her. I would appreciate any reasonable suggestions to get her into my bed that don't entail any violence or drugging. Lol
She is coming over again really soon. Need some angle to work with quick.

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  • Find out what TV shows she likes (from her mom) and then when you get home one day, put the show on. When she mentions "that's one of my favourite shows" tell her she hang around to watch it if she wants. That is the innocent way to get her to stick around. Get yourself a beer but don't offer her one - she has to ask for it or offer her yours if she asks. Unfortunately, you're going to need alcohol involved to get her to open up. Ask her a bit about her school, prom and who's she's going with, etc. If she's not going with anyone, then you can play the 'you don't have a bf?' card and lightly compliment her (I'm surprised because you're cute).

  • Refusing to eat or drink with you isn't a good sign. Exactly how flirty do these texts get? Give an example or two.

  • Ex: Well she writes I love being there at your house. Ex:If ever you need me just call me. Ex: She puts smiley emoticons in her texts. She left chocolats for me on Easter and wrote her name and XXX
    Ex:She writes just tell me and I'll do whatever you want. Supposedly about babysitting. With a smiley face after wards.

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