F*** teachers... (Literally)

Im an eleventh grade girl and my dream is to be in a relationship with a teacher. I'd love it if he takes my virginity and f**** me as he gives me good grades...
Teachers are so sexy. I mean, im kind of a sapiosexual and knowing that they know more than me turns me on BADLY
I simply love teachers. They're amazing.

I just hope that they could love me back (sexually) once in a while...

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  • See girls like her are trouble because if a teacher has s** with her she will go tell her friends and guess what happens the teacher loses his job and could face jail time all because of this b**** who walk away because the law protects her and now the teacher is a s** offender all because of her !
    Laws need to change age of consent should be 10 years old and who the h*** can say 18 is age of consent we all know kids have s** at 12- 16

    I say this b**** should be called a s** offender as well if she talks like this .

  • You sound so f****** hot. I mean, DAMN! Why can't you be one of the girls in MY class???!!?

  • Wish I was your teacher!!!

  • What if you already are?

  • I would love that. And I would love you. I can tell you have a sweetness in you and I would respect that and treat you accordingly. And I promise that the s** would be spectacular. I would do anything for you. Anything. I truly hope that I already am your teacher. I want you so bad.

  • There are more reasons for them to be reluctant about starting a relationship than for you to be reluctant about starting a relationship. So.......stop being reluctant. Pick the one you like the best, the one that makes you wettest, the one you m********* the most to, and start talking to him, just about anything, and then start making the conversations more personal. Drop by his classroom to say 'goodbye' at the end of each day. Then one day, when he's alone in the classroom, walk over and kiss him goodbye. If he doesn't resist or turn away, kiss him again. And again. And then again. You'll be naked, on your back on his desk, or skirt up, bent over his chair, before you know it. And then he will belong to you. Even if he's married......he'll BELONG to you. TO YOU!!!! But you have to stop waiting: school is almost over! Don't let a whole summer go by without being involved with AT LEAST one of the guys who make the insides of your p**** itch. Go get one!! AT LEAST ONE!!!!!!

  • :/ they're all married, and I'm not into breaking marriages/cheating

  • Why so serious? S** is all just good fun......so enjoy it. Don't let something so immaterial as marital status get in the way of a reeeeeeeeeeeally good time. Go get them. Get them ALL!!

  • I am a teacher, male, and trust me - your male teachers have thought about f****** you and all of your female classmates before. At my school, a lot of the teachers use the school's gym in the morning, to workout before the students get there. I've personally heard five other male teachers comment on certain female students. Comments about their bodies and what they bet those females would be good at... Nothing wrong with a fantasy, as long as it doesn't turn unto an illegal reality.

  • Ridiculous. Stupid. Embarrassing.

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